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Why is NPF Scared Of “NO GREE FOR ANYBODY” Slogan?

I want to assume that something has suddenly jolted Nigerian Police Force (NPF) from their slumber that caused them to hastily ban the general use of the 2024 Slogan “No gree for Anybody” ???? amongst the citizens.

As hilarious as that may sound, I never liked it the slogan myself. However, I think people have certain fundamental rights to freely express themselves either through local parlance and slangs to convey messages amongst the locals without interference of anyone, provided it doesn’t degenerate to chaos or threaten the National security.

The rash decision on the part NPF has generated several reactions and questions from different quarters such as are they (NPF) too scared the people might use the slogan against them? Are they scared the slogan might unite the people the more to revolt against the current system? amongst other questions.

Personally, the fact that NPF hastily concluded that such slogan poses a major threat to national Security remains unclear to me and by extension most people that I have had this conversation with.

Having said that, what I think NPF might be wary of could be the “coded message” behind this slogan which may connote aggression and forcefulness to some persons. I also think it sounds too “street” to them to be accepted by all and sundry. Unfortunately, it was too late for NPF because even Nigerians in disapora have embraced the slogan!

Nonetheless, the hasty banning of such slogan by the NPF in Nigeria should never be seen as the best approach to avert any form of unforseen insecurity that may rise through the use of such expression, if you ask anyone.

As a matter of fact, such rash decision on the part of NPF may even trigger anarchy! As we know how Nigerians can be stiff and hard headed when it comes to such policies.

They will never stop until NPF decides to use one person as scapegoat and believe me, that might be the beginning of another “End Sars Protest” even though we may not wish for such to repeat itself but that’s just the pure fact.

Most Netizens have called the bluff of the NPF the day the slogan was declared banned! Promised to continue to freely express themselves on their fatherland and dare any damned person who touches them.

Sadly, one unusual trait that I have noticed in the new generations youth of today is their level of deviance towards the law! They are mostly fearless and daring. They hardly care whose ox is gored with their actions!

My final take on this is, from all indications and the reactions from different quarters, NPF’s hasty decision regarding “No Gree for Anybody” might end up a fiasco at the end of the day, and if they try to enforce it with too much aggression, the outcome might not be too palatable for both parties.

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