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#MosesBliss: Using Socials as Tools of Oppression!

Yesterday, Moses Bliss set internet ablaze with his eye popping proposal to his long time fiancee, congratulations to him, now here is my take:

While I would say, proposing to your life-partner with all the razzmatazz aren’t African thing, now doing it live on socials just to seek attention and validation of your supposed fans and followers is a bit extreme.

Call me old-fashioned, and I don’t care how famous or whichever way you want to justify such, it will never sit well with people like me and some people with their common senses in tact.

Yes, we are in the digital age, yet digitization should never translate to extremity in everything. As a matter of fact, being social media enthusiasts should rather teach us to learn some limits in whatever we put out on it, knowing internet never forget.

Don’t get this twisted, it is never wrong to get friends and fans to celebrate with you, after you must have done proposing to your said partner. Perhaps when the photos surfaced online, through the bloggers. But deliberately doing everything to just show off live video on socials is kind of off.

Most especially, when it’s done by a figure who supposedly claims to be a Minister of Gospel songs. It reeks of narrow mindedness to me. And that is nothing but clout-chasing.

Personally, one thing I have noticed is, the direction the world is headed now particularly for the Gen Z – (the Generation that woke up to know use of digital devices) is the direction of daily craving for validation, approval, show offs, oppression, fake social justice and ultimately self destruct on social media.

I have always said this, there are two types of people who are obsessed with the use of social media. First set are people who use socials as platforms to promote their wares/Enterprise. The second are those who are there because they wouldn’t allow those who are promoting their enterprise to keep oppressing them hence continue to keep up appearances while wasting their precious time and internet data.

Sadly, the latter group are much more than the former ones. These groups are often consumed by the approval of their followers and fans. To constantly be in their faces even when it is not necessary. Some of them, would go as a far as sacrificing their private lives just to earn validation on socials.

Learn this, Private activities such as proposing to your life partner, be in the labour room giving birth to a new born baby, cooking meal in the kitchen for your family amongst others should never be for the socal media consumption.

And whenever such surfaces on socials just know it is nothing but pure show-offs by the posters, which they do to subtly oppress their poor fans and followers.

Before we share our live videos, we must bear in mind the far reaching impacts on the viewers. For instance, most of the single ladies hoping to have been proposed to by their partners and yet to experience such might slide into depression seeing such razzmatazz online. While some singles might even pick quarrels with their partners accusing them of wasting their time by not proposing on time and angrily end the relationships.

Not everyone can handle seeing such content online when they are yet to experience it.

Let’s put some limits to everything.

By News Editor

Our News Editor, Muyiwa is an information management expert and Development Blogger with more than a decade experience in investigative reporting and journalism. He is passionate about human angle stories to all social issues in Nigeria and Africa.