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My Take On BBC Exposé On TB Joshua!

After seeing the first Episode, all I saw were some disgruntled founding members who felt short-changed or simply put, felt used and dumped and would stop at nothing to de-market the ministry this man left behind.

Agomoh Paul, the supposed second in Command, being the lead sponsor of all these mess!

Yes, T.B Joshua wasn’t perfect, being a human called into Ministry.

All he ever did, according to the Documentary, was being strategic with the growth of his ministry by creating unbreakable evangelical network globally, but alas! he was misunderstood.

He was also so unlucky to have another snake and traitor as Second in command, in person of Agomoh.

To those who have watched it, have you all seen the torrent of comments underneath the BBC YouTube Channel???

None was surprised or speak evil of him. Every comment was about the good legacy he left behind.

Commenters from across the globe weren’t even moved by those evil revelations one bit!

They were busy reeling out how they received solutions to their problems, sickness and challenges in his Church.

And can evil power give good and lasting solutions to human problems?

May be when we find answers to that, we would understand the whole charade behind this exposé.

And before you say I have been hypnotized too,
I am not a member of Synagogue and I have attended his service for once!

I only did see him on TV just like everyone but I knew he didn’t wrought those miracles with demonic powers.

It was a special assignment given to him from above I believe.

The truth is, you can’t use demonic powers to chase out demons! It takes higher authority to make that happen.

And the only higher and greater authority resides in God and God alone!

Remember Jesus Christ too was hated and was killed before they knew who he was, how much more his followers??

The issue is, many persecuted the man while alive because they didn’t understand the source of his anointing and once people don’t understand something they will definitely hate it. That’s the case of TB Joshua.

Also, if TB Joshua was truly using demonic powers or was a evil manipulative person like they claim, his ministry would have ended the following day he passed away!

This year makes 3 years he passed away, the ministry still stands!

Let’s think about that!

About the allegations by Non-Nigerians amongst the Ex-TB Joshua Disciples:

The fact that everyone of them is capitalizing on how he chose to run his ministry to condemn him, is my concern. How he opted to run his ministry was his strategy for church growth! Period!

It is the choice of those who opted to attend his church.

He never forced anyone. And all of a sudden everyone seems to have forgotten the good works he did to humanity.

Let’s not forget this was the only man that never demanded offering, tithes and first fruits from his church members yet became so rich that he gave so much out the needy that visited his church.

We should bear in mind that these people that are leveling strong allegations against him went to his church on their own accord without forcing them to be members.

They all bought tickets and paid for visas from their countries after seeing his miracles on TV abi he went there to use jazz on them too??

And he took them in under his care and watch for good 14-15 years, fed and clothed them, took their welfare as his priority and they want to tell me they won’t give back their loyalty as part of their commitments??

I want to believe a powerful force beyond their sense of reasoning compelled them to leave their countries and become his members for that long and I believe that force can never be jazz!

After his Demise, it was reported that most of these foreigners were tussling to take over his ministry from his wife and made hell on earth for the lady before they were all deported back to their home countries.

If he was that demonic and they didn’t benefit from the ministry would they be struggling to over something that isn’t beneficial to them?

Let’s just leave BBC out of this. He who pays the Piper dictates the tunes. Such is the kind of content BBC crave to have on their channel to spike up their viewership. Media is now profit driven bussiness.

I rest my case!

By News Editor

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