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#OjudeOba2024: The Karios Moment of Farooq

The whole of Nigeria is still in awe of how this year’s Ojude Oba turned out to be the most talked about since this epoch making event began years ago.

Ojude Oba is an annual celebration by the people of Ijebu Ode, which often holds couple of days after the Sallah Celebration. The exciting part of this historic event is the homage paying to King Awujale -the Paramount Ruler of the Ijebu Land.

Paying homage to Oba Awujale is the essence of this event which is where it derived its name “OJUDE OBA” from – which literally means “At the King’s Court”.

One unique aspect of this year’s celebration has been the jaw dropping reviews and fascinating comments about the Ijebu sons and daughters whom came from far and near just to add colour to this year’s event.

One of them is Farooq Oreagba. For some inexplicable reasons, Farooq became the centre of attraction at this event thereby turning him to an internet sensation overnight. Perhaps, this is due to his unusual swagger at the event.

Some Netizens have tagged him all manner of names such as King of Swag, ‘Big cigar and Tobacco’, king of Steezee amongst others.

While some have attributed the overnight fame of Mr Farroq to “Karios Moment” which happens to humans once in a lifetime particularly when one least expects it, some have also said he remains the finest of all the Ijebu men present at the event.

Netizens and ladies of all sizes are currently drooling over Mr Farooq’s finesse and exceptional confidence while riding the horse during the event.

Farooq’s sense of fashion and aura of opulence at the event now make both married and single ladies jocularly drop their ‘resumés’ while commenting underneath his picture, to be his second or last wife – an offer I know most of them would gladly jump at, if the opportunity presents itself.

Currently Farooq has become some sort of face of OJUDE OBA, thereby causing outpouring of more positive reviews about this event, in spite of the current economic woes in the country.

Many have suggested that Farrooq Oreagba should take advantage of this moment to launch a brand that will draw the patronage of many Nigerians.

Interestingly, while the noise about his looks is everywhere, Farooq who is an Oxford University Almnus doesn’t seem to be bothered.

He is a professional to the core, who holds family values in high esteem, based on findings.

But one significant impact that all these hypes would have on Ojude Oba will certainly outlast it. As it would encourage more supporters and sponsorships from brands as well as bring back more ijebus in Disapora to be part of the subsequent ones.

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