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Press Statement: Nigerian Civil Society Organization To Observe US Presidential Elections

A leading Nigerian Civil Society Organization (CSO), Connected Development [CODE] has been granted Observer Accreditation status in the State of Colorado for the upcoming November 8th 2016 US  Presidential Elections.

The participants constituting of young people are expected to join other observers in the United States to ensure a credible and transparent polls in the coming elections

Through the International Republican Institute (IRI) recommendation for CODE’s accreditation, the key objective of observing the US Presidential election is to learn the state of the art electoral process using creative technology tools that would be deployed while empowering young minds to inform decisions around future elections in Nigeria and across African region centered on civic engagement and democratic processes for accountability.

Hamzat Lawal, Chief Executive, CODE
Hamzat Lawal, Chief Executive, CODE

It is of true that Youth participation in electoral processes in Nigeria has been weak, rather they are usually used as tools for violence, ballot snatching, thuggery and other electoral crimes, before, during and after elections.

However, it’s high time we changed this trend in our country. The elderly people have the experience no doubt, but the youths, who make up over 60% of the electorate, have the knowledge, and should be encouraged to participate more positively in the electoral process that bring in the leaders who are expected to make Policies that will shape their future. This trend must be encouraged by our political elites and key political actors in the country. Leadership, government and the political infrastructure influenced by youths is essential for positive transition and the future at large.

In 2015 general elections, CODE used citizen’s observers to play a critical role in enhancing the credibility and integrity of the election.

The Chief Executive of CODE, Hamzat Lawal has expressed his excitement over this development, adding that it will encourage young minds to be more proactive in relevant affairs that affect the country at large.

“At CODE, we believe that youth participation in elections is very vital and relevant in democratic transition and it is only right that the country’s development and awareness should be raised on that in fostering transparency and democratic governance”, he said

Mr Hamzat, said that observing the US presidential elections from a youth perspective and publicizing the reports, will highlight youth issues of democratic engagement, engage young minds in active democratic processes and will also offer professional experience to other young observers.

He noted that young minds could be fully engaged in electoral process with the use of Technology, in particular social media, this he said will enable speed in delivery of result globally.

CODE is a non-government [NGO] whose mission is to improve access to information and empower local communities in Africa.

CODE has observed elections in Kenya (2013), Nigeria General Elections (2015) and FCT Council Elections (2016) using technology tools – Uzabe –www.uzabe.org


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