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    CSACEFA Donates Educational and Food Supplies To IDPs in #Abuja

    ByOladotun Roy Fadeyiye

    Mar 11, 2015

    Dotun Roy


    One top priority of Civil Society Action Coalition on Education For All (CSACEFA) is achieving “education for all societies” where education and educational supplies are quite accessible and inexpensive for all Nigerian citizens and also by creating an environment conducive to learning. CSACEFA has demonstrated this through its consistent visits to some Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) Camps stationed at Karamajiji and Durumi in the Abuja suburban areas.

    Mrs Chioma, being interviewed by NTA Crew during the visit
    Mrs Chioma, being interviewed by NTA Crew during the visit

    “All what CSACEFA stands for is to support and promote qualitative education. We are doing all we can to make sure the education of these internally displaced kids does not stop as a result of their sudden dislocation” In one of our visits, we realised many of these kids weren’t learning anymore. The worst is, there are no teachers to teach. This is one of the reasons why we have been visiting them from time to time, with teacher and necessary educational materials, such as Portable Chalkboard, school bags, notebooks, waterbottles, sharpners and erasers, food items amongst others said Chioma, Policy Advisor, CSACEFA.

    Women at IDP Camp
    Women at IDP Camp

    She further explained that they were not just coming to provide the kids with educational materials, they were there to empower their mothers and women by acquiring skills in soap making bussiness. “These women cannot just be sitting down doing nothing lest they become indolent. It is very important that they get engaged in something so that they would be able to earn a living to support their kids in school” she alluded.


    Nigerian Red Cross Team were also present at the IDP Camp working in collaboration with CSACEFA, teaching the IDPs the nitty-gritty and the importance of First-Aid/Emergency treatment. According to Amechi Odili, Red Cross Team Lead, said it is pertinent to teach these people on how to apply First Aid because it is essential sometimes, before going proper medical attention”


    The IDPs Community Leader who could not hold back the joy and exictement seeing free educational materials being distributed to the kids said, “we really appreciate these support but our major challenge here is, some of the communities we met here, often threaten us, sometimes they do steal our wares. We live in constant fear here” he added. More Photos:

    Abuja-20150211-00685IMG_20150311_105308 IMG_20150311_113222IMG_20150311_105104 IMG_20150311_105121Abuja-20150211-00681

    Day 2 Visit to the Second IDP Camp in Durumi, Area 1 Abuja where CSACEFA had previously discovered that most of these IDP children were being assembled in an uncompleted building owned by a private individual which is not quite conducive to learning. The teachers and pupils do not have access to learning materials as well as classroom furniture such as writing desk and lockers, tables, chairs and proper chalkboards. Mrs Chioma, said “we have bought some textbooks and other teaching and learning materials/aids for the teachers, we equally brought schools bags contains pencils, eraser, sharpeners, crayons most especially mats to sit on and notebooks for them, for now”.

    Kids sitting on the bare floor
    Kids sitting on the bare floor


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