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Provoking Divine Favour- Exodus 31:21

What is favour? 1. Favour is friendly regard showing toward one another especially from someone superior. It is a special privileged. It is something done out of goodwill not out of justice. 2. Favour is an excessive kindness or unfair partiality or preferential treatment. Favour makes a man to receive without asking. The only way God shows his kindness to ...

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Ten Pillars of Prosperous Living!

KING’S COURT ROYAL ASSEMBLY In as much as God wants you to have a good life here on earth, He has also set rules and commandment guiding everything you have ever desired in life, be it good health, longevity, business breakthroughs as well as spiritual growth amongst others. To be conscious of these rules is to be conscious of the ...

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BY KING’S COURT ROYAL ASSEMBLY 1. Your Thoughts -Let your thoughts be pure. When our thinking process and thought pattern are in line with God, It shows that we are aligning with God. Ability to control our thoughts is an indication that we are on the right track to spiritual maturity. fill your thoughts with positive and Godly imaginations at ...

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How to Avoid Conflicts in the Workplace?

By Oladotun Olumuyiwa F. Psychological climate in the team is one of the main criteria to which many job seekers pay attention when choosing the place of work. However, if financial and other details relating to the new position can be discussed during the preliminary conversation with the management or at the interview stage, the relationship of colleagues and working ...

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