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Ten Pillars of Prosperous Living!

In as much as God wants you to have a good life here on earth, He has also set rules and commandment guiding everything you have ever desired in life, be it good health, longevity, business breakthroughs as well as spiritual growth amongst others. To be conscious of these rules is to be conscious of the purpose of your existence. in other words, Knowing the purpose of your existence gives you access to a fulfilled and prosperous life. However, you may never fully understand how to live prosperously until you understand the ten pillars of prosperous living. these pillars are highlighted below:

1. Priority – set your priorities according to God’s word. Prov 3:1-4 the arrangement of your priorities today will determine the product of your future. The day you discover that you need to prioritize your life marks the new beginning of your life.
These priorities are:
A. Worship: Your must love above the law.
B. Fellowship: compassion above regulations
C. Discipleship: Put growth above comfort.
D. MInistry: service above office. If you increase title without increasing mantle you cannot win the battle because mantle wins the battle not title.
E. Mission: your mission must be above ambition

2. Reliance. Rely on the wisdom and understanding of God not your own wisdom. Prov 3:6. You can never rely on God if your perception is on what you can see because those things you see will fade away. 2 Cor 4:18. As a christian you must always operate with your sixth sense.

3. Obedience: You must obey the instructions of God explicitly. Prov 3:7-8. You have to choose to believe in God’s word without shaking, even if it is in direct contrast with what you are seeing.

4. Sowing: Prov 3:9-10. God measures the allocation of your blessing based on your generosity. No man can have a time of harvest, without sowing a seed. 2 Cor 9:6. it is only when you sow good seed that you reap bountiful harvest.

5. Pliability: You must be teachable. Prov 3:11. Note that, blessing can become a disaster when you are not ready! Therefore be teachable so as to be prepared for the blessing God has for you.

6. Education: educate yourself in the word of God, so that you may have peace roundabout. Prov 3:13, 22, 23, 24.

7. Risk taking: Always be ready to take the risk in faith. Taking the leap of faith. Prov 3:25-26

8. Openhandedness. You must be ready to extend compassion for the less privileged. Prov.3:27-28

9. Unity: Prov. 3:29-30, Never wish evil for your neighbours. Love them so that you can live in peace.

10. Satisfaction: Be content with what you have. Prov 3:31-32. How rich you are is not measured by what you have in pocket is by how contented with what you have.

Having highlighted these ten pillars of prosperous living, if you arrange the first letter of each pillar vertically, believe me, you will be stunned at the result it gives you.

Take the test:

Priority for P
Reliance for R
Obedience for O
Sowing for S
Pliability for P
Education for E
Risk Taking for R
Openhandedness for O
Unity for U
Satisfactory for S

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