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Provoking Divine Favour- Exodus 31:21

What is favour?

1. Favour is friendly regard showing toward one another especially from someone superior. It is a special privileged. It is something done out of goodwill not out of justice.

2. Favour is an excessive kindness or unfair partiality or preferential treatment. Favour makes a man to receive without asking.
The only way God shows his kindness to his people is through divine favour.

How do I provoke divine Favour?

A. Prayer – Your prayers can provoke divine favour.

B. Trusting God – Mark 9:23, Luke 8:9
You must keep your trust in God intact and unshakeable.

C. The power of praise and thanksgiving – Psalm 22:3. A person of praise does not murmur. When you murmur you send favour away from yourself.

D. Your confession – Your mouth is a weapon of perfect authority to keep you in perfect dominion. Favour moves in the direction of those who say positive things. Prov 18:21.

E. Showing Favour – matt. 5:7 the level of favour you enjoy in your life is thesame level of favour you show to others. Esther 2:1-22.

F. Your Gift – Your gift will bring you before great men. Share your gift, so that you can be favoured. Use your gifts to the glorification of God.
3 ways your gifts can provoke God
– Prophetic offering – 1kings 17:10-24
– Giving to the poor – Prov 19:17
– Giving to your Parents – Eph 6:2-3

G. Be Kingdom Focus – Mattew 6:33
2 ways to be Kingdom focus
– Soul Wining
– Sacrificial Giving towards God’s Kingdom 2 Chroni 1:7

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