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#GeremiNjitap: For Men Only! DNA and Malicious Intent of the Other Gender!

By Oladotun F. Olumuyiwa

For starters, this opinion is strictly mine and mainly targeted at the men. However, if as a woman you stumble on it, it would only add to your repository of knowledge on the subject matter.

Also note that, It is not in any way intended to demonize or bring any gender to disrepute but rather bring to light some critical hidden facts about the complexities in most martial relationships particularly as it relates to baby making, DNA and paternity shenanigans.

This article is also important as it would help the intending couples to be wary of unnecessary flings as they move towards settling down with their intending Spouses because the avalanche of weddings that we see on daily basis and rate of divorce cases are almost at the equilibrium.

Now let’s dive right into it, at first, I had wanted to ignore this horrific paternity saga of Geremi Njitap, Camerounian ex-Chelsea midfielder who had filed for a divorce from his wife citing paternity fraud and other untold reasons but on a second thought, it reminds me of a similar saga that I stumbled upon on Instagram about a man whose genotype was AA, married to an AS woman and their offspring turned out SS.

The confused husband had to seek redress in a civil court in order to be free from financial stress of raising a sickler that doesn’t belong to him.

Now, the most intriguing thing about this story was, the wife kept insisting she never slept with any other man aside from her man even right before the civil judge, to the point that the judge had to apply wisdom and urged man to accept the baby and move on.

Some of the comments that got me thinking underneath the post were that, there is possibility of their baby being swapped at birth with another child by the nurses, right from the labour room. So some commenters urged the husband to conduct a maternity test on the baby to ascertain that. Once the baby’s DNA does not match his mother’s then the Hospital has a lot to answer.

However, what makes this man’s case slightly different from Njitap’s case is that both paternity and maternity were conducted on his ‘supposed’ twins to ascertain none were swapped at birth.

Now, here comes some critical questions that we should ask the other gender:
Why do they love to pin the seed of one man on another?
Why do other gender love to create this confusion in the lives of their children?
Is it to fulfill their dreams of being married to their dream husbands at the detriment of their innocent children?
Is it to get back at their ex lovers who may be the real fathers to these children but chose to deny them their rights? and many more.

The reason we must collectively ask these questions as a society is because the rise of paternity fraud in many homes is becoming alarming. It has been confirmed that if the paternity of most first-born were to be conducted in Nigeria alone, many homes will be scattered. That is how terrible it has become.

And again, this brings me to ask another popular question, what do women really want?? Because this particular Njitap’s case is almost the second most scandalous DNA cases in the world of football.

I recall sometimes back in 2016, a Ghanaian Soccer Star, Odartey Lamptey suffered the same fate in the hands of his ex wife, when he suddenly received devastating revelation about his three kids that almost destroyed him at the peak of his career.

The most painful thing about the women who perpetrate this act is, they are usually not remorseful and would never own up to their evil deeds thereby making it more agonizing for their victims.

Let’s reason this together, if a woman can cheat on Athletes and sportsmen, who are usually active in bed and pin other men’s children on them, then there is nobody this gender can’t cheat on. This means tons of men out there are already victims of this without knowing.

Imagine, waking up one morning to discover all those children you had expended all your life savings to provide for, aren’t actually from your loins!! This DNA paternity fraud has been said to be amongst the worst crimes against humanity and every other nation should endeavor to treat it as such.

This deadly late paternity revelations has ruined some many powerful men, destroyed their careers and ultimately lost confidence in themselves. And in most cases, they often refuse to move on with life by settling down with another woman.

This is one of the reasons women have been said to be the most complex of all creations because no man can actually satisfy their needs, and for this reason, no one can predict what they are capable of, per time!

Lastly, I would urge the relevant authorities to begin prioritize paternity test in Nigeria and make it mandatory for all new born babies in both public and private hospitals, that way evil nurses who engage in baby swapping and women who pin other men baby on another won’t be walking freely amongst us.

If paternity status is known earlier enough, while the child is at infancy, the impact on the supposed father wouldn’t be as devastating as it would be when he gets to find out later on in life. Selah.

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