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#Erisco Foods: Why ‘Crucify’ Our Own??

ByNews Editor

Mar 23, 2024 ##EriscoFoods

By Dotun Roy

One of the greatest disservices we Nigerians do to ourselves is the constant ‘crucification’ and victimisation of our home grown companies. We never really value nor celebrate our local brands the way we ought to, as a people. Yet, we are always very quick to find faults with them and ultimately orchestrate their downfall.

An average Nigerian would rather pay through his or her nose to purchase a product shipped into the country from either the US or Japan than to pay a huge amount for similar products that are locally made. Reason? Lack of sincerity of purpose. That is the major bane. And it cuts across all sectors in the country.

To begin with, our current economy is almost in shambles today because our past administrations failed to institutionalise sustainable platforms for our indigenous manufacturing companies to thrive while they render quality services to the people in return. Even though a couple of them tried but still, lack of sincerity of purpose suffocated the agenda.

Yet, in the face of all these challenges few manufacturers such as INNOSSON (IVM) and Erisco Foods Limited have courageously stood their grounds to ensure they add value to their country.

And that reminds me of the travails of the INNOSON (IVM) – which happens to be Nigeria’s First Indigenous Automobile Company. How the founder continually struggled for acceptance despite his tenacity and resilience to put Nigeria on the world Map in the world of automobiles. Today, Nigerians still prefer foreign car brands to IVM.

What am I driving at?? The on-going social media ‘crucification’ that has trailed Erisco Foods Company, the producer of Nagiko Tomato Mix is totally uncalled for. Erisco Foods is a brand all Nigerians should celebrate rather than crucify.

Having followed the incident that led to the arrest of one Chioma Okoli, a self acclaimed Social Media Influencer by Erisco Foods, who had posted a damaging content about this Nagiko Tomato brand on her Facebook page without facts, which later generated a lot of backlash reactions from Nigerians.

Now, this is where Nigerians should have a rethink, the same Nagiko Brand that has served Nigerians for years, without any report of food poisoning and created employment opportunities for the young people, is about to be suffocated due to the same lack of sincerity of purpose.

I keenly followed this story from day one, because I wanted to know the rationale behind the damaging post by the lady. But until now I’m yet to find none. In fact, it seems to me like she never really used the product herself but only being used by some faceless sabotuers – who would rather see the downfall of Nagiko.

And based on several reports out there, the lady in question absconded from the Police custody with her husband and put their ‘Angel’ Guarantor in a state of dilemma. That goes to tell you that, that lady deserves to be arrested in the first place. She is a criminally minded fellow.

Now, the song on the lips of every Nigerian on social media has been why would Erisco Foods call for the arrest of the lady?

The brand has every right to do so! As an Influencer, you can review a product that didn’t serve you well without damaging the product.

However, if you feel short-changed you can later reach out to them through the Consumer Protection Agency such as Federal Competition and the Consumer Protection Council (FCCPC) which in this particular case has said they tested the Nagiko products for quality and it was not found wanting.

Also, there are several TV interviews by other media outlets granted by the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN) confirming Nagiko Tomato Paste as a duly certified product that meets the standard requirements for consumption globally.

Being an influencer should never give anyone the license to damage any brand. Especially the ones that had passed through the test of time like Erisco Foods. They have paid their dues as far as I know. Aside that, no tested and trusted brand would fold its arms and watch anyone crumble down her many years of hard-work in one day, just because of a disgruntled consumer.

Every business oriented person who understands the far reaching impacts of such damaging content would have fought back the same way Erisco Foods did.

Dotun Roy is an Advocate, Public Policy Analyst and Social Activist based in Abuja. He can be reached via dotunroy@gmail.com.

By News Editor

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