• Thu. Apr 18th, 2024


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Quit Being a Sniffing A$$ on Whatsapp!

My guess has never been wrong about those sniffing ‘people’ who permanently turned off their read receipts on Whatsapp! Except for the few amongst them though, who are quite open-minded and relate better with those they love, off social media.

However, you see those ones who have turned themselves to chronic Whattapp viewing monitoring spirits by turning off their read receipts and won’t still wish you well, should be feared more than your known worst enemies. Because why in this world would anyone wanna secretly view other people’s status incognito?

First of all, aside from self hate, low self esteem and fear of being hated by ‘God knows who’ I think such as an act has a lot to do with maleficent streak or tendencies in those who do it.

Yes, you heard me right! That’s simply how I feel about this whole incognito thing on Whattapp. It would always have maleficent undertones and like I said except for the ones I know wouldn’t hurt a fly off social media but as people often say, people change.

Turning off your read receipts is one weirdest thing I have seen on Whatsapp. While I’m still trying to grasp the rationale behind this, all the reasons I have listened to people gave, have never really made any sense to me.

I admit the fact that people now use Whattapp responses as yardsticks for healthy relationships and all, but for goodness sakes it’s only an App for communication and no one should expect you to put it on at all times or simply put, stay on it all the day!

Those excuses often range from “I don’t want people’s troubles joor”, “they would always accuse me of not reading their messages”, “They pick quarrels when I view their status and not congratulate them” to mention but few.

Look, anyone who picks quarrels with anyone based on these above-mentioned excuses on Whatsapp to me, is petty and nothing but a bag of trouble. You have the right to read and comment on anyone’s status whenever you feel like. Nobody is obligated to do so under duress!

I know social media platforms are becoming like second reality aside the real world we know but we must be wary of its negative impact on our lives, how it could shape our lives and ultimately what we choose to become using these Apps.

Now let me ask this ridiculous question, which is more satisfying: Viewing the status of those you claim you love as families, friends or acquaintances incognito and rather not wish them well or allowing them see you view their status and wish them well later when you’re less busy???

I ask these questions because making yourself incognito to those you love and love you in return means you have taken on another horrible personality that they aren’t aware of. It means they don’t know you at all after all these years of being together.

It means you have allowed common social media to turn you into a different individual that you are not! And only a serial killer or fugitive on the run assume such personality. Think about that!


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