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#BoxingReview: Let’s Talk about Brutal Knockout from Anthony Joshua to Francis Ngannou!

First off, I had thought my weekend would be ruined, If AJ should lose out again, considering the fact that the fight was fixed for Friday, but Alas! Anthony Joshua proved to the naysayers that the “Naija” in him has not completely died out due to excessive cold in the UK.

He gave Francis Ngannou (FN) the most brutish knock out ever, twice! For me, that’s satisfying!

However, perhaps the only unsatisfying thing about the victory would be the fact that all commentaries and commentators kept the Nigerian side of AJ away from the victory and the glory went to the British side. Why? That is one sad part of having to share dual citizenship, I suppose.

The smart British commentators kept ‘famzying’ the winner, AJ, forgetting that it is blood from the source in the winner that keeps him winning. Yeah, that Naija Spirit!!

You would never hear them say Nigerian British Champion anymore, he has now become “British Fighter/Boxing Champion”! That being said.

Now, I have promised myself that I would call DAZN out for being so insensitive with their streaming prices.

Imagine, charging a whooping sum of N15,500 just to stream a fight that I wouldn’t be given a cut after everything??

I mean, DAZN should know that Nigeria as an emerging economy in the world right now is a potential market for whatever they have to offer! And should have allowed such a show to be streamed for free for all Nigerians, coupled with the fact that it is our son AJ that was repping his hood.

They are such a big let down.

On a more serious note, we understand DAZN must make money too however such a spectacular show with such a huge windfall at stake should have covered for free streaming. I sense some “gaps” in that area.

DAZN made me stuck between making decisions to subscribe and calculating what other things this N15,500 could have solved in this Renewed Shege Administration.????

Back to the AJ, his victory was everything we, Nigerians have been waiting for after he flopped his last fight. And trust Nigerians, they will continue to celebrate that regardless of what the naysayers might be saying from different quarters.

Imagine someone saying the last K.O. was suspicious. That, it looks like an arranged stuff because Francis Ngannou seemed to be waiting and expecting the punch! That to me was baseless.

If it was arranged or planned, Drake of all people won’t stake so much of his hard earned dough in that fight!

Everything AJ did inside that ring was as a result of his background hard work. As at the point the punch landed on FN he was already losing his grit and his strength waning hence it looked like it was planned for him to receive the punch so he could knock him out and win!

We celebrate #AnthonyJoshua for his resilience and never say die Naija spirit in him!

And to those Nigerians who had underated AJ before the fight, shame on you! You all know yourselves. Go bury your heads in shame for talking down your brother before the world!

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