• Sun. Jul 14th, 2024


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…Better Feminist not Distortionist!

This is to all the so called ladies who have misconstrued the concept of “Feminism” for being overly independent and rude in their marriages.

Recall I raised the dust in one of my Facebook posts, couple of days back, over how Nigerian wives turn on their spouses abroad by flinging their sense of humility into the “Trash-Can” once they landed at Heathrow Airport or receive work permit in the UK?

The inset picture of a social media user, beautiful housewife and a blessing to her spouse, has just proven that being a wife who respects her martial vows pays and rewarding.

This lady called Deborah had only shared pictures of how she wakes up every 4am in the morning to prepare her husband meals before he goes to find his daily bread on her X page and ever since she has been celebrated with cash gifts, Car, New house, freezer, New Phone from Infinix phone brand.

All of these given to her by Netizens who saw the uncommon dedication and sacrifice she put into being a responsible wife at home.

Even NNPC joined by presenting to her a cash gift of 200,000. Currently, she is overwhelmed with these gifts and pleading with Nigerians to stop. She has moved from being a broke dedicated full housewife to a blessing to the love of her life – her husband within 48 hours! Only humility of a woman can make that happen!

What am I driving at?? There is a reason God created male and female and made the male the headship of the home. The moment the other gender starts challenging this headship in marriage, matrimony becomes toxic, unsafe and uninteresting and ultimately, a no go area for many men.

And those who are fond of challenging this age long status quo in marriage are those who have misconstrued the concept of Feminism by making it seems like a weapon of distortion for the noble institution called marriage.

This is a major reason we now have many eligible bachelors whom dread the word marriage! Hence not interested in settling down any time soon. All they do is to go “Sex Hunting” both weekdays and on weekends.

Same reason, we see lots of marriageable sprinsters screaming and wailing on socials for being used and dumped or -being “served breakfast” as many Netizens would say.

Listen, as a woman who aspires to be married someday, there is no two way about it, being a woman of virtues and values in your marriage is highly rewarding.

It even gladdens my heart the more that we still have people amongst the Netizens who understand this rare virtues and are willing to reward it.

Don’t throw away your African values due to over-westernisation. That’s what makes us unique and special to other races. Also note all these values make you and other women better feminists than distortionist.

By News Editor

Our News Editor, Muyiwa is an information management expert and Development Blogger with more than a decade experience in investigative reporting and journalism. He is passionate about human angle stories to all social issues in Nigeria and Africa.