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While I would say I have been vegetating for the most parts of this Yuletide holidays, I would also say I have used the “vegetating” mode to catch up on some shows that I have been missing out on.

And then this awesome movie “Love and Life” landed gbam! like tornado on the 29th December on Prime Video Nigeria! And I recall one of my ogas Naanle Gukas reminding me not to forget to share my thoughts after seeing it.

“Love and Life” storyline, I would say profoundly explores the deeper essence of true friendship in the fast pacing world we live in today particularly in the concrete jungle called urban center.

It mirrors the inevitable challenges that come with finding true love that endures even after the other party has passed on.

However, lot of questions begging for answers after seeing it are:

Do such friendships characterised in this movie still exist amongst women of today where jealousy and envy take over their thoughts easily? And If it does definitely not amongst the Gen Zs.

Can older women ever be that overbearing dating younger lovers? Aren’t they suppose to do it with some level of discreet and decency?

Such dedication and maturity from the character plays by Rita Dominic is also too good to be true to happen in Naija of today.

Also seeing Chidi Mokeme plays a dedicated husband adds brilliance to the storyline.

But, I don’t really think Michelle Dede fully embodies the role of a wife the way she ought to. Someone like Rita Dominic or some other great actor could have delivered it flawlessly.

Nse ikpe-Etim is always a delight to watch anyday. She ate the ‘Cougar’ character with no leftovers!

However, there are also some unnecessary scenes that ought to be yanked off. Two hours is too long for such storyline. Almost become boring.

Choosing Abuja for location is excellent too.

Nevertheless, major take aways for me from the life of the major characters are:

  1. Having those who truly care for you around you helps you overcome the grief of lost loved ones without any grief therapy per se.
  2. For the married couple, learning to create time to squash all unresolved frictions in your marriage with open communication before it degenerates into a big issue is the best.
  3. The pain of not getting reciprocated attention, affection and care in a relationship/marriage can kill the spark!
  4. Sex is an integral part of marriage.
  5. We all need true friends whether we like it or not. It’s a therapy on its own.

Please note: True friends o not garau-garau friends ????.

Kudos to all the cast and crew. Steve Gukas did this one.

#HappyNewYear in Advance !

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