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Why you need to let people aware of your skills?

I think it’s important I share this here to help someone.

I have noticed a worrisome trend amongst the young people of today. Many of them desire to learn and posses relevant bankable skill-sets such as digital and ICT, catering, interior decos skills etc. that would probably improve their earning power in the labour market.

However, after spending fortune and their precious time learning these skill-sets, then comes the challenge of selling themselves or letting people know about the skills they possess so as to attract the potential employers or even clients whom will be willing to pay handsomely for the services they render.

Why do you need to sell yourself?

Many at times, I have had to struggle searching for vendors or services of some skilled persons to render certain services that would be well paid for. But often seems like an Herculean task getting one.

And after several searches back and forth I would realize that someone who has been amongst my Whattapp contacts is even an expert in what I was looking all around for all these while!

And most times, by the time I realised, I would have contracted the jobs out to someone who aren’t even as skilled as the person on my contact list.

The question is, why didn’t I know this person on my Whatsapp contact list is an expert or skilled in the service that I needed? The answer is inability to sell one’s skills for the best of the best opportunities closer to us.

The painful part of this whole thing is, when this person you had contracted for the service couldn’t deliver to your satisfaction.

Many of our Gen Zs and other younger generations need to understand the great benefits inherent in the use of ICT/Digital tools to sell themselves and their skill sets.

Quite a number of them were born into digital consciousness and grew up possessing enormous valuable digital skills that can change their entire fortune unlike Gen Xers, but they need to learn to let people around them aware about these skills to fully maximize them.

They must learn to take undue advantage of innovative digital platforms such as Google, Meta, AI platforms as well as their products such as WhatsApp, Instagram, X, etc to constantly remind those around them about what they do rather than wasting their time viewing comedy Skits and Fashion shows. That way, they would be properly positioned for the best opportunities they can get around them.

Paradoxically, many of them are quite aware of these benefits, but for some reasons, they feel there is no need to share their skills.

Some feel too ‘big’ to sell themselves thinking people might assume they are hustlers or too poor on social media due to false/ larger than life impressions they have created within the make believe world of Internet.

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