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A Bride mustn’t be caught off guard on her wedding day!

This is about the newly wedded couple that has been trending since Saturday because the bride (Ekene) who claims to be a Nollywood actress went gaga when her favourite Gospel Minister (Bliss) suddenly made a surprise entry into her wedding reception.

Netizens have continued to react to the awkward scene created by the bride saying the bride went overboard by kneeling in a “Sodiq position”(giving a head)???? before the Gospel Minister, became totally lost and ignoring her husband’s presence thereby made the whole scene seemed awkward for her groom at the wedding reception.

So, here are my views, on one hand, I think the bride was just being herself on her special day. And being an actress that she claims to be – to be a professional actor requires some innate abilities that allow ones to express his/her emotions without giving a hoot about whose ox is gored!

I would also say, that part of personality and that of her profession took better part of her at that point in time making her to be oblivious of the fact people/guests might read meanings to her reactions towards to the gospel minister.

Thank God her husband understood her nature and quickly joined her in knelling before the artiste so as to manage the awkward moment.

On other hand, however, I think a bride should learn beforehand that on her wedding day, she must apprear graceful in her carriage and must avoid losing herself in the euphoria of the celebration.

I learned long ago that, in western culture the royal brides were often trained how to glide on their wedding day while in their wedding gowns in order to maintain a particular royal posture/gait and composure before the guests.

In similar vein, non-royal Brides particularly while in their wedding gowns were also expected to comport themselves and never to be caught over exicted before the guests for courtesy sakes.

Having said, what I could deduce from all that took place at that particular wedding is the fact that, Nigerians have adopted the white wedding ceremony of western culture but discarded the etiquettes that come with the White wedding ceremonies.

We have over the years owned it and created our own way of doing white wedding ceremonies, which to me, isn’t bad after all. However, if we keep ignoring these old time etiquettes such awkward moment from the bride on her white wedding day will continue to happen and generate mixed reactions such as this.

And the ripple effects of such controversies might become the foundation for stormy relationship/marriage between the wedded couple.

Therefore, whatever is worth copying at all is worth copying well.

By News Editor

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