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Movie Review: #BreathofLife, Does it worth the hype?

BREATH OF LIFE, one of the most anticipated Nollywood movies of the year 2023 has been streaming on Prime Video since December 15th.

Although, it’s been a while I shared movie reviews. But, due to the hype around this movie, I think it would be awesome if I do my own usual short review of it.

For me, it’s a complete departure from what we often look forward to seeing in Nollywood’s style of storytelling.

Lot of western influences despite being a story that happened during the early Post-colonial era in Nigeria then somehow linked to the early 2000s. Yet the essence of the plot remains well put together. What an intriguing way of telling a story!

I would say, that actually brought out the uniqueness in the storyline.

Cinematography, costume, continuity and dialogue are all top notch. However, my personal grouse would be failure to create subtitles to save the audience from trying to grasp some dialogues in some scenes – Same issue of “over bitting our tongue trying to sound like Native English speakers… “

Eku Edewor is one Gem that Nollywood should never underrate. Chimezie Imo, another Nollywood’s dynamite and Wale Ojo must have had fun on set shooting that movie.

Ademola Adedoyin deserves a nomination too. He embodies the character. However, I feel makeup should have done him good to the very end of the movie instead of replacing him with totally different actor.

Only Sambasa is typecast. I think he deserves more challenging roles than always portraying community rogue.

Also, I dont think the brand of motorcycles he and his community gangs rode would have existed in Nigeria in the 60s. They all looked recent… Some old scooters could have been used instead.

In all, it does worth the hype. it’s a delight to watch!

Kudos to the cast and crew and Prime Video Nigeria.

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