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Are the Isrealites As Humane As Portrayed in the Scripture?!

This Isreal-Hamas war and its shenanigans has really uncovered some hidden truths about Israel and her citizens. It revealed the true identity of whom the Israelites are.

The cloak they have been hiding under for centuries has finally fallen off and I think the whole world including the US that always carries their matter on her head can now see clearer.

This is not to condemn them as a people but they really aren’t as peaceful as the Bible portrays them and as such everyone particularly their lovers ???? (Christains) need to watch how they comment on this.

Isrealites don’t like Christains and they need get that into their skull already!

Isrealites don’t even acknowledge their existence as far as religion and worshipping God is concerned. So why all the forced love?

And why so much contempt on the part of Isreali to the Christains? Is it because of those historical landmarks in the Bible that Christains troop into the country to see and pray or what? I don’t get? Knowing fully well how the Christain pilgrimage has continued to add to the Country Gross Domestic Product for decades.

In a recent viral video, it was revealed in a conversation where some Israeli Policemen who were trying stop some Christains who had traveled all the way to Israel to preach Christian Gospel. Watch the video below:

In this back and forth heated argument between them, one of the Isreali Cops disrespectfully refered to all Christians as idol worshippers!

This particular statement has generated several reactions online. It has really shown how disrespectful an average Isreali can be to the Christains and I also think it’s a slap on everyone who identifies as a Christian world wide.

By virtue of what scripture says about the Israelites, Christains adore the country, love the people and practically worship everything about isrealites but alas! the love was never mutual all along!

Little wonder, few of my friends who had visited Israel always shared the tales of how disdainful isrealites looked at them whenever they went on pilgrimage to those historical cities in the bible.

They would tell me how they mocked, sneered and laughed at them while praying at the River Jordan and all. And I often wondered why would they do that?

Now that it has become clearer, Christains across the globe need to know the God they serve and try as much as possible to do away with that age long sentiment or whatever soft spot they hold for isrealites with immediate effect.


By News Editor

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