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List of fake loan apps in Nigeria (Most dangerous List 2023)

If you are searching for the list of fake loan apps in Nigeria in 2023, then you have come to the right page. I will review in details the various fake loan companies and applications, including illegal loan apps terrorising borrowers and sending shame and defamatory messages to them and their contact list.

I will also provide a guide on spotting a fake loan application when you see one with a view to avoiding them and refraining from patronizing their services. We advise you only borrow quick loans only from the best and most reputable instant loan applications in Nigeria.

Some of these scam apps have been banned by Google Play Store while some are still comfortably hosted. Most of these fake loan apps can be identified by their loan tenure which always ranges from from 7- 14 days, a practice which is in breach of Google Policy on loan apps hosted on its Play Store and contravenes local laws in Nigeria.

What is the list of Fake Loan Apps In Nigeria in 2023?

Another name for a fake loan app is a loan shark. A loan shark is a loan app, digital lender, online or traditional bank which offers credit loans at extremely high interest rates, has strict terms of collection upon failure, including sending threatening, shaming and defamatory messages to you and your phone contact list and generally operates outside the law. So in essence loan sharks operate illegally and are thus usually referred to as illegal loan apps and platforms.

The list of the most dangerous fake loan applications in Nigeria in 2023 are LCredit, Sokoloan, Rapid Naira, Cash Club, EasyMoni, CreditHall, AimLoan, Kashpal, 9Credit, 9ja Cash, PalmCredit, BorrowNow, Cash Mall, Cash Wallet, CashLion, Ease Cash, FastMoney, ForNaira, GGMoney, GoCash, GotCashger, GotoCash, KashKash, LendCash, NairaPlus, NCash. Borrowers and consumers should beware of these scam and infamous lending apps.

See below the comprehensive list:

  1. Cash Mall
  2. CashLion
  3. FastMoney
  4. LendCash
  5. BorrowNow
  6. LCredit
  7. NairaPlus
  8. 9jaCash
  9. Cash Wallet
  10. GGMoney
  11. 9Credit
  12. Sokoloan
  13. Palm Cash
  14. Ease Cash
  15. ForNaira
  16. GotCash
  17. NCash
  18. GoToCash
  19. GoCash
  20. KashKash
  21. EasyMoni App
  22. Rapid Naira App
  23. EaseMoni App
  24. AngelLoan App
  25. Speedy Choice App
  26. EasyCredit App
  27. OKash App
  28. CycleCash App
  29. CashRain App
  30. iCoin App
  31. Mikoloan App
  32. SuperCash App
  33. XCredit App
  34. LionCash App
  35. Ajeloan App
  36. CreditHall App
  37. GetCash App
  38. iCredit App
  39. PalmCredit App
  40. Aimloan App
  41. CashFarm App
  42. Oxloan App
  43. Lucky Loan App
  44. Ucredit App
  45. NowCash App
  46. Star Loan App
  47. Kashpal App
  48. Monicredit App
  49. Creditup App
  50. Zuma Cash App


All potentials borrowers must be aware of the list of fake loan apps in Nigeria and ensure to avoid collecting loan via any lending platform that threatens and embarrasses you with shame and blackmailing messages or invade your contact list.

These platforms are fond of spilling hatred to your family members and friends to force you to pay back your outstanding loan. My advise is that you only patronize the best loan apps in Nigeria which will protect your privacy and give you instant secured loans without collateral, documentation or paper work.

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