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Western Countries Must Stop Robbing African Tourists!

The recent heinous encounter such as outright dispossession of valuables belonging to the Nigerians and other African tourists in the so called western climes such as Europe and USA needs urgent attention without delay.

And I think the Consular of our Embassies in those Countries need to be proactive about these recurrent reports of robbery attacks and pilfering being done to Nigerians particularly Nigerian celebrities and other tourists whenever they are on tourist visit or a music tour.

Last week, when Toke Makinwa, a media personality cried out that all her luggage were stolen in London, United Kingdom, some people thought she was only chasing clout.

Some persons even accused her of being paid by someone in Government to lie as it was only a couple of days after the Minister of Information issued a warning to Nigerians to keep a watch on their luggage while on tour abroad that she made the robbery attack in public.

Now, yesterday Jaywon, a Nigerian Singer, cried out that he has been robbed off his valuables right from his Hilton Baltimore’s room in USA. This is in spite of that fact he is the only one with the access to the room. The entire room was cleaned!

It is quite sad to note that, in that last one month more than five Nigerians have decried this horrible experience in these western countries such as Paris, France; London, England; and now Almighty United of State of America.

There are other ones who haven’t come out to the media to share their own experiences too due to the Post traumatic Stress Disorder they had after the robbery attacks.

I recall years back, Kim Kardashian’s similar experience in one of the supposed expensive Hotels in Paris, France, that was expected to have one of the most organized security structure in place to protect their guests.

The poor lady’s valuables such as diamond and gold jewelries were carted away at gunpoint by the men of underworld without anyone in sight to save her. She cried out to the media, yet the world still didn’t believe a thing she said. They called her drama queen. And they ended up killing the story.

Now it is African Celebrities’ turn to have their fair share of the evils in these supposedly developed countries with zero protection for the tourists trooping into their countries to have fun.

How can anyone even justify such Hotel robbery in these countries that claim have best social security structures for their citizens? Is it that bad that they have no control over how their security system being breached or is it the handiwork of the Hotels’ employees?

I can categorically state this anywhere in the world that, no Nigerian hotels or other African countries, that International media have consistently taunted as the poorest nations and worst places in the world, would ever stoop that low to steal valuables of celebrities or common tourists right from their hotel rooms or attack them at the Airport Looby or anywhere else. They may have poor citizens amongst them but they have respect for work ethics and integrity towards their guests’ safety.

Aside from reported cases of robbery in hotel rooms, there are other pilfering activities done to travellers’ luggage too, by the airport officials in these countries.

All of these need to be addressed and changed. And no other person can do that, than the Nigeria Embassies in these countries they must rise to correct this anomalies. It’s too disrespectful to say the least.

By News Editor

Our News Editor, Muyiwa is an information management expert and Development Blogger with more than a decade experience in investigative reporting and journalism. He is passionate about human angle stories to all social issues in Nigeria and Africa.