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‘Mexican Theme Night’ at Transcorp Hilton’s Bukka!

It’s yuletide season yet again and the famous ‘Bukka’ of the Transcorp Hilton, Abuja, currently wearing fancy new look, has been buzzing with lot of activities and side attractions to keep their esteemed guests coming back for more exciting treats.

Those who are conversant with the happenings within the World Famous Transcorp Hilton, can attest to the fact that aside from ‘Bukka’ being the busiest section of the Hotel, special side attraction such as ‘Theme Night’ where guests and tourists are treated to wide range of intercontinental cuisine per day, are now being put together to spice up the hospitality services.

A theme night at the ‘Bukka’ often comes with wide range of delicacies peculiar to a particular country or continent. One of such nights I experienced, was Mexican Night!

It was an experience to relish for a lifetime.

Mexican Beans Salad

I saw all Mexican/Latin American dishes such as Mexican pottage beans, Latin Tomato Salad, Lamb Leg Barbeque, Mexican beans salad, world famous Mexican Tacos as well as Brazilian Chicken Salads for those who might love the mix, laid out at the buffet table as guests and tourists moved round the buffet to satisfy their appetite.

Being an adventurous person myself, I was ready to experiment. I had the pleasure of combining some of the dishes as virtually all of them looked so enticing and irresistibly tempting despite the fact I was seeing many of them for the first time.

This was after I had had my African “Swallow” of Poundo yam which was optional for those who might never love any other dishes aside African.

Mexican Tacos

I had Tacos combined with Mexican Beans Salad flushed down with chilled Chapman. It was all satisfying moment.

A theme Night at the Bukka is indeed an experience, every guest at the Transcorp Hilton should never miss this season. It’s heavenly!

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