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What If DNA is a ‘DISRUPTION’ Mechanism for Society??

ByNews Editor

Jan 11, 2023 ##DNA, ##DNAsaga

Let’s quickly take a critical look at the whole idea behind DNA and its shenanigans. You see, ever since I knew about DNA in my late teens, I have always had this reservation for the whole idea, procedures and processes involve in finding out the true DNA of a human being. I have also learnt it’s a complex one.

I often have issues with how the world and its people are always quick at embracing just any technological advancement that the world has imposed on us without questioning the possible downsides or unexpected disadvantages that may come with them along the line which obviously may have irreversible damaging impacts on our daily lives.

Yes, I know many would say they do question. But do we do this consistently or just one off??

For many years that the world has embraced DNA as the only way to prove paternity or parenthood to a child, has anyone ever question the veracity of the process to really be sure these Laboratory scientists are doing the right “Sorting’ of the Genetic Make ups’ using Saliva and other body fluids like they always claim?

What if DNA is a disruption mechanism for society by those who invented it?? Sounds cynical right?

Have we ever thought about the above skeptical questions before and think through them?

I have read about several cases of where the final outcome of DNA procedure defied all the Scientific findings and understanding in which some offsprings happen to be a complete throwbacks. They refuse to take on either of their parents’ genetic formation.

I recall a case of a father who had conducted DNA on his three kids only to come back with results of not being the biological father. The poor man became livid to the point of killing his wife.

However, couple of days later, while in Police custody he a got a call from the laboratory that the results were wrong. It was too late because he had committed murder and he must be made to face the music.

Another similar case is the recent murder case in Imo State where an aggrieved father resorted to murder his two innocent children because DNA says he’s not their biological father. These are few cases out of many families that have suffered disintegration due to the DNA results.

With these above incidences, my question here should be: how many times should DNA results be verified? once or will it always require second or third verification before acceptance??

Picture Source: Genome Data

By News Editor

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