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Meet Ivanna, youngest Nigerian Author on a mission to revive reading culture, donates books to orphanages

The story of Ivanna Omokhide, a 10 year old Nigerian Author, currently on a mission to revive reading culture amongst her equals remains a big inspiration to every girl-child of her age and even to many parents and guardians who might have girl-children of her age to guide and care for.

Her story is a typical example of “Catch them Young” cliche which both her parents and her Early years teacher understood and acted upon, having discovered her unique passion for reading and writing as early as age three.

“Reading is one of the things I enjoy doing and I am grateful for my Parents, Teacher and mentor, Ms Olamibo Balogun for helping me to build my interest in both writing and reading” said Ivanna.

When asked why she is on a misson to revive the reading culture, Ivanna said reading is the only thing that takes people around the world while sitting in the comfort of their home or school.

“I have learned that reading is the only thing that takes people to places they have never been to while sitting in their homes or schools and I want other children to learn what I have learned through reading different books” she said.

Ivanna and her Teacher, Olamibo Balogun

“I saw those passion and potentials in her since she was in Nursery class” said her Teacher Olamibo Balogun, who also runs a Reading and Writing Clubs for Children in Abuja.

“The first day I met her in my class, she was able to write her name. Something her other classmates couldn’t do. I was stunned! Since then I took it upon myself to build her interests in reading and putting her thoughts in black and white. A decision her parents proudly supported”.

“And here we are today, she has authored her first book titled “Giving Joy” with support from her parents and myself.”

“Also today we are here to donate mini libraries to two prominent orphanages here at Federal Housing Authority, Lugbe, Abuja which is one of her top wishes, supporting the Orphans by building their interest in reading off-the shelf books” she said.

Olamibo further urged well meaning Nigerians to support Ivanna on this noble mission to helping her equals to develop passion for reading.

No doubt, the success story of Ivanna cannot be complete without mentioning the support and encouragement from her parents having invested and inculcated excellent virtues in her, since her early years. Also their style of parenting is worthy of emulation particularly, in a world where web/Internet is becoming a go to place for readers causing limited choice.

“Raising a girl child in this era of digital technology and building that child’s interest in reading off-the shell books (hard copy books) can be tasking, however, in Ivanna’s case the passion has always been there couple with the fact that she has a good teacher, Ms Olamibo who saw that potentials in her early enough and began to groom her.” said Mrs Omokhide, Ivanna’s Mum

“Also on my part, I did several home assignments with her to guide her whenever she finds anything difficult to understand’.

‘I can only be grateful to God for blessing her with a good teacher and mentor like Ms Olamibo who has also become her source of encouragement all these years” she added.

Mrs Omokhide who is a trained lawyer further advised parents to learn to study and understand their children’s passion early in life in order to encourage them in harnessing their God given talents while they are still young.

Yet another inspiring thing about Ivanna, is her unmatched compassion for humanity which currently ranks her to be amongst the youngest Nigerians rendering humanitarian services to other children through her pet project.

Ivanna at age 10 currently owns her own Not for Profit Project called “Ivanna Reading Project” which aims at reviving reading culture amongst mates in Nigerian and beyond. Also with the ultimate goal of using the proceeds from the sales of her first ever authored book to make donation of mini libraries to other well known orphanages and schools in the Federal Capital Territory Abuja. What an awesome child! 

To support Ivanna’s Project kindly reach us via info@dotunroy.com or call 08034858005.

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