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A Review of #WomanKing the Movie!

Firstly, I had expected to see plenty reviews of the #WomanKingthemovie by now everywhere within the blogosphere since its premiere on 16th September particularly from African folks – since it’s about Indigenous African History.

But it seems they aren’t “feeling’ the storyline, I suppose. Or perhaps many people haven’t seen it due to the fact that it isn’t a #Netflix production. It’s from the stable of Sony!

I personally have issues with the West telling African stories in a way that suit their purpose and agenda. The story line completely lost its original “Texture’ and everything seems doctored!

Secondly, I think the History of Oyo Empire and Dahomey has always been an interesting one compared to what this movie projects.

I mean, being a voracious reader myself, I remember reading the history of these Dahomean Amazons and Oyo Kingdom and how they were at each other’s throat. The movie only brings out the “synthetic” part of this history. A complete departure from what we expected. Considering the hype!

From the costume of Oba of Oyo (Alaafin’s General) to the dialogue, never truly portrays the rich culture of Yoruba People.

For the first time, I saw a Yoruba King’s General wears Turban on Agbada, like that of Tuaregs living on the Sahara Deserts instead of ‘beaded Gobi.

And then costumier goofed again by complementing the ‘Agbada’ with an ankle boots, as shoes for Yoruba king’s General?

That can never be my people! Yorubas are extremely classy and fashionable people. Rooted in culture, from time immemorial, ever before the arrival of the Europeans, Yorubas are pacesetters in everything!

I know some would defend that, saying the movie is about warring kingdoms, so costume shouldn’t matter. Please, costume matters a lot in projecting the true identity of those you are telling their stories.

Any other thing contrary to that, only means they are recreating the story to suit an agenda, which is always political.

Another turn off for me is the diction, accent- the use of Yoruba and Fon words of the cast! I score them zero!

Most of the cast has South African Xhosa accent. In a West African Story?

My grouse on this, is the lumping together of all Africans by the West and portraying a whole continent like one country! West do this a lot in their movies and it happens in this one.

I wonder, what it would take, if these producers come down to west Africa to scout for the indigenous Fon and Yoruba Speakers!

The potrayal of Dahomean people is the most horrific of everything. I don’t even want to go there.

The only spectacular thing about the movie is Swordsmanship skills of the Amazons (Agojie).

Also they thought it wise to cast couple of Nigerians such as John Boyega, Jimmy Odukoya (Pastor Bimbo’s Son) and Angeligue Kidjo, Benninoise Singer.

Other than those, every of other thing was done to suit to their agenda and not to celebrate the rich African culture but rather portrays it in a demeaning manner.


By News Editor

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