• Mon. Aug 15th, 2022

    Brazil makes more huge investment into mechanised agriculture in Nigeria!

    Agricultural sector in Nigeria is about to witness massive turn-around as foreign investors are trooping in, to put in more huge investments into the sector, beginning from this year.

    One of such prospective investors is Brazil. The South American nation will be leveraging the bilateral relations and agreement with Nigeria in scaling up her investment plans for agricultural sector.

    According to the reports, Brazil has made huge investment worth $1 billion into the Nigeria agricultural mechanisation project. 

    “Through this same investment plans, about 5 million farmers will also be benefiting as an assembly plant will also be built for 10,000 tractors” says our correspondent.

    This lofty project has also prompted the recently opened Mohindra Tractor, a tractor assembly plant in Kaduna in order to expedite the implementation of the project.

    Transformative plan such as this, are what Nigerians are looking forward to!. 

    Kudos to current administration, as we hope to see the full implementation of the project in no distant time.

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