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Aug 23, 2019 #Nigerians

We shall keep drumming it into their ears, regardless of their passivity and indifference to our concerns as Nigerians particularly to the negative impacts of their heinously perpetrated crimes either the ones they carried out within the cyber space or offline.

Every one of us, I mean, every Nigerian carrying Nigerian DNA is obligated and must strive to protect, respect and defend this nation at every given opportunity both home and abroad and not to bring shame upon their fatherland.

Yes, just like every other growing economies, Nigeria, as one of most populous nations of the world has had it rough at the different levels, no doubt, however, regardless of these teething troubles the country has continued to evolve while confronting these seemingly insurmountable challenges that have kept her grounded for decades.

It behoves on us as the citizens never to bring this nation to the degrading level of ridicule irrespective of your desperation to ‘hit it big’ or ‘make it big in life’ like they often say.

It is quite demeaning to keep seeing Nigerians topping the list of ‘scammers/Fraudsters’ every now and then. It is disheartening and shameful. It brings disrepute to the good works of the other great Nigerians out there!

Across the globe, whenever you find Nigerians, they are reputable to be ever dogged and determined Africans. We are go-getters and achievers.

I mean, can’t you guys get it for once! The fact that whenever, any Nigerian found guilty of a scam related offence is usually blown out of proportion, ought to be one reason we should steer clear of these activities.

For several years, the Country was blacklisted and already Corruption Perception Index keep ranking our nation amongst the worst countries with corrupt minded people.

How long shall we continue to suffer several huge embarrassments and disrepute at the port of entries and Airports of other supposedly ‘corrupt free’ nations yet decided to rub Nigerians of their Human rights by subjecting us to all manners of ransacking on our bodies and even private parts before we could be allowed into their ‘Not So Perfect Countries’?

As a people, it’s high time we made it a point of duty never to drag the name ‘Nigeria’ in the mud ever again with our irrational engagements and involvements both home and abroad.

We must collectively stay committed in restoring the dignity of our Nation and that of every Nigerian born wherever we find ourselves.

I take God beg una.


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By News Editor

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