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#Depression: Hang on!.. don’t call it quit just yet

It has been confirmed by several experts and psychoanalysts that we, humans are often the products of what we dwell on daily particularly in our thoughts.

It is worthy to note that if we can ponder on something good and positive and push until we bring it to reality then habouring and nursing evil thoughts triggered by recurring bouts of depression would never be an herculean task to make happen.

People would usually ask, just how healthy and positive should we strive to make our thoughts? The answers is, you and I must try as much as we can to stay sane and positive about everything and our personal lives at all times. Even when they do not seem it. Yes, I know it may not be as easy as said, but it helps.

I tell you what, nobody, no country, no society or even your family or friend is ever ready to make you sane. As a matter of fact, there are the burden we bear and carry about and oftentimes the major sources of the so called depression that we fall into. It is indeed a crazy world.

You must know that the prerogative to resist anything that challenges your inner peace lies solely with you and not anybody else, so the first assignment and favour you must do to save yourself would be to do everything within your power to resist depression by learning to psyche yourself up. It is the first help you need.

Another one is by learning to profess positive things through your own mouth. That way, you begin to move from being a total downcast in despair to an optimism level.

Also we must endeavor to surround ourselves with those who are positive about life. Those whose level of optimism is quite higher than yours. Those who care about well being.

Having the fore knowledge of how to resist whatever challenges our inner peace and try to push us into depression is a bliss because depression would always try to rear its ugly head at every unexpected point in every human’s life but our ability to fight back and stay sane will make the difference and save anyone from being just another victim.

Just press on, never give in to depression. It is a silent killer!

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