• Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

    Press Statement: Amnesty Nigeria Supporters Condemn the threat issued against Amnesty, Urge FGN to re-investigate the AIN report

    We the supporters/Volunteers of Amnesty international Nigeria condemn, in the strongest terms, the protest orchestrated by certain individuals to compel Amnesty International Nigeria to vacate the territory of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

    We understand that this action originates from the report issued by Amnesty International Nigeria, in which it highlighted serious human rights violations and the stifling of fundamental liberty in general across Nigeria. These violations, crimes in themselves, have often involved extra-judicial killings, arbitrary arrest and long detentions of innocent civilians. Bodies have been discovered in secret mass graves under circumstances which indicate the involvement of actors in government authority or ratification.

    This report is based on the spirit of truth and transparency by which Amnesty International Nigeria conducts its affairs globally. Amnesty International Nigeria is an impartial and untainted organization whose activities have saved or improved the lives of numerous individuals and groups across Nigeria.

    In recent times, Amnesty International Nigeria has campaigned for the rights of Nigerians threatened with the prospect of homelessness when the Government sought to demolish and forcefully evict Nigerians residing in the Mpape district of the Federal Capital Territory. In consonance with the laws of human justice and equity, a court of competent jurisdiction has recently ruled that the planned demolition is illegal.

    In the light of the foregoing we, therefore wish to remind the great and noble Nigerian people of the altruistic service of Amnesty International while asking the international community, to wit, the United Nations, the African Union (A.U) the Economic Community of West African States, (ECOWAS) to join their voice of goodwill in this cause.

    We regard the action of a group of hired protesters, who have been recently protesting at the premises of Amnesty International Nigeria office as inhuman, unethical and likely motivated by the allure of tainted lucre.

    We stand with the great Nigerian people, we stand with Amnesty International Nigeria and we ask the Nigerian government to look extensively into Amnesty International Nigeria reports. We the SUPPORTERS/VOLUNTEERS of Amnesty International Nigeria reiterate our unflinching support to Amnesty International Nigeria and the cause of Human Rights.


    Tosin. F


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