• Thu. Sep 29th, 2022


We Break the News


In a society where arbitrary use of power to perpetrate countless heinous atrocities with impunity against humanity holds sway, the phobia for truth and nemesis will not be uncommon. And oftentimes than not, this phobia for truth and nemesis will always becloud their sense of reasoning and judgement.

In the light of the current wicked accusations by some group of unscrupulous Civil Society Organisations colluding to frustrate the lofty and progressive mission of Amnesty International in Nigeria, raising unnecessary dust and alleging that Amnesty International had concocted lies in their 2016 report, discrediting the efforts of the Military and other security agencies in the fight against Boko Haram insurgency as extreme human right violation is totally uncalled for.

These group of inconsiderate CSOs went further in their accusations that the video contents used as evidence by Amnesty International (AI) were mere falsehood and calculated attempt to frustrate the efforts of the Nigeria Military towards total annihilation of Boko Haram insurgency in Nigeria.

These horrific accusations coming from the CSOs that should know better, against the good works which Amnesty International Nigeria have been doing in Nigeria is quite shocking and disappointing.

Now, the questions we need to ask them are: why would Amnesty International seek to promote the activities of Boko Haram in Nigeria when her number one mission is to defend the fundamental human right of an average Nigerian citizen.

Why would Amnesty International support the group of killer extremists who derive joy in shedding blood of the innocent citizens? What do they stand to gain by making life unbearable for the Nigerian citizens?

It is indeed a shame that these groups of CSOs do not really understand what Amnesty International stands for and represent across the world before fabricating such baseless lies.

AI mission is to further the cause of protecting, defending and saving humanity from whatever may cause it to go into extinction, therefore AI cannot possibly be in support of war crimes, ethnic cleansing, torture, deprivation, conflict, strife, diseases, epidemic among others.

I have been an AI activist for years with Special Recognition, and I can boldly recount several AI success stories in Nigeria since they kicked off operations in December 2015.

Recent impacts of AI Campaign against Forced Evictions of the indigent Nigerians in Abuja and Lagos as well as the use of torture by the Security Agencies are deeply felt and appreciated by more than 2 million victims of these human rights violations across the country.

On the flip side, if you and I may recall, for many years, this country called the giant of Africa had been chained down by the military repression, which automatically militarised the psyche of an average Nigerian, this makes many to be too scared to speak up even when their human rights are being violated by these people.

Truth be told, the way security agencies are structured in Nigeria give room and ample tendencies for human right violations to be rather rampant and this is often done by these perpetrators, without remorse.

Therefore, the presence of powerful body like Amnesty International in Nigeria to checkmate and correct these growing trend anomaly and total disregard for the human rights particularly among those who are purportedly committed to protecting the lives and properties of the citizens would definitely be perceived as a big threat.

This goes to say that all these charades by the coalition of unscrupulous CSOs are nothing but a script well played out!