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    Dean Initiative: Be part of International Youth Day 2016 Celebration in #Abuja!

    Let us unite against our common fears……

    IYD 2016


    International Youth Day (IYD) is a day set aside to bring together young people across the world to celebrate youthfulness, their milestones and great achievements of the younger generation. This year IYD is promised to be an exciting package for the Nigerian youth. Lined up activities for the days as put together by Dean Initiative are as follow:

    Arrival: 7:00am

    7:01am to 7:30am      Aerobic dance and Body exercises

    7:31am to 8:30am      SDGs Goal 3 Fitness WALK

    8:31am to 9:30am      IYD 2016 Speeches by Youth groups and Selected Youth Leaders

    Special features…..:

    ·         ONE Campaign Petition project

    ·         Seventeen Goals in Seventeen second each

    ·         Project Pink Blue cancer navigation project


    Speeches: YALI Network Abuja, YouthHubAfrica, CODE, SDGsNigeria, Project Hope Alive, JCI, YiSDA, Global Shapers Abuja, Next Generation Summit


    Official Media: DotunRoy.com



    Come dress sporty and happy with a mind ready for aerobic exercises.

    Venue for Pick-Up is Unity Fountain, Trancorp Hilton Maitama Abuja.

    Kick-Off time is 7am and to end at 9am August 12th 2016   

    08067616185 for details Semiye Michael or Dotun Roy on 08034858005
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