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Forgive #VeryDarkMan! Free #VeryDarkMan From Remand!!

In anything we want to be in this life, just try to be truth-sayer and see how the world will applaud you for always standing for the truth and then turn against you when all the chips are down!

Yes, they will avoid you like the plague and dessert you to suffer the oppression and shame alone. That’s in human nature.

I want to believe this is one reality that #VeryDarkMan failed to understand when he decided to jump on every single trending topic especially the ones that concern the other gender and their shady ways of life.

It’s been almost four weeks that #VeryDarkMan has been remanded yet nobody, I mean none amongst those who were applauding him for speaking the truth, deem it fit to stage a protest for the relevant authorities to temper justice with mercy for whatever they claimed was his offence/crime, and let him off the hook.

And till now, I still keep asking on his behalf, what has this young chap done in particular, to have warranted this treatment in the first place??

Overnight, the comments I see online about him has changed from the old hyping and praises to insults and ridicule particularly from women. (Check the inset screenshot)

The last time I checked, everyone had thought the last face off he had with Tonto Dikeh had been resolved. Only for him to be arrested two weeks after meeting his bail condition with surety.

Only Saidaboj – the newest talkative girl on social media, whom I would say, used to the Arch enemy of Verydarkman on social media before he was arrested and one other Chap have used their social media clout to speak up for his release.

That goes to say, sometimes not all those who clap for you and support your cause will stand for or with you when the real battle comes. And that, that your supposed worst enemy might turn out to be only helper later on. So never say never about anyone in life.

And call it clout chasing or whatever you want to call it, what this Little Saida girl has done by speaking up for him is nothing but bravery and I commend her courage for such fearless move.

What Saida has done, I can tell you, thousands of other Influencers can never do it because they wouldn’t want their followers to unfollow them or bash them on their pages.

What VeryDarkMan is currently going through is one reality we activists, often face in our line of duty, while defending the voiceless. Whereas we hardly see anyone stands for us in our own time of trials.

Nonetheless, as we remain steadfast in our calling, I urge all activists across the country to use their platform to speak up for VeryDarkMan.

He doesn’t deserve this repressive treatment. He has only but always spoken the truth to amplify the voices of the voiceless.

To the #NigeriaPolice, Please forgive and Free VeryDarkMan.

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By News Editor

Our News Editor, Muyiwa is an information management expert and Development Blogger with more than a decade experience in investigative reporting and journalism. He is passionate about human angle stories to all social issues in Nigeria and Africa.