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The Rise of Private Parts’ Snatching Ventures in Abuja

Let’s talk about the sudden rise of Private Parts Stealing Ventures in FCT!

I want to believe this is another conversation everyone living in Abuja should be having at the moment aside from the insecurity – “One Chance” robbery incidence that have become rampant lately.

I recall several years back in Lagos, seeing people talked about unscrupulous individuals stealing innocent people’s private parts. To be honest, I had never for once believed it truly happened back then.

I always thought they were fabricated stories to dissuade us from roaming the streets back then. And for many years after, that I had relocated to Abuja, I never for once heard of such cases until recently.

The rise in Cock snatching bussiness in Abuja is gradually getting to a serious stage with some deviant looking perpetrators being caught red-handed and even confessed to snatching those dicks, which in some cases the victims, by stroke of luck get to retrieve their “tool” back.

Reports have shown that, in the last two weeks more than seven manhood snatching related cases have been reported and even gone viral on socials.

Each time I stumbled on the videos on socials, something in me wanted to ask why and how these cock stealers do that sh*t to their fellow men? To what end? Cook it in pepper soup? The ridiculous part is, these rascals have theirs dangling in between legs untouched. Yet they are all out, scouting to deprive unsuspecting people of theirs! How callous!

Earlier today, while having similar conversation with someone about why these evil Geniuses are on the prowl. He told me someone must have engineered them to go scouting for other men’s privates so as to become rich overnight.

He further told me they don’t only snatch dicks but women’s private as well. Citing similar incident at Federal Secretariat, where a woman had raised alarm about her private being stolen by a total stranger.

So who are we to blame for these prevalent get rich quick syndrome? The society? the economic downturn? or blame it on government like we normally do?

For me, as foolish and ridiculous as all these may sound, we are all Africans, and we must also accept the fact that there are metaphysical powers that are beyond ordinary human senses. I mean, we all see these stuffs happen in Nollywood movies everyday and we never believe it happens.

The more reason Nigeria Movies Censored Board must remain firm with the type of movie contents being shown at our Cinemas and even in the media.

Because what people spend most of their time watching can influence their decisions as well as their thought process.

To be candid, it’s being a sad development that calls for urgent attention by the security operatives. Because only the victims can tell how truamatising their experiences would be.

By News Editor

Our News Editor, Muyiwa is an information management expert and Development Blogger with more than a decade experience in investigative reporting and journalism. He is passionate about human angle stories to all social issues in Nigeria and Africa.