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Danger of Evil “Well Wishers” on Socials

African American couple getting married at the beach

By Muyiwa Fadeyiye

With the current trend of crashed marriages, what I have observed in the recent time is, tons of broken, sad and frustrated unmarried fellows scattered across social media are in a bussiness of scheming and wishing the marriages of the married ones to ‘scatter’ so that they can keep justifying their ‘singlehood’ condition.

I can categorically say that, it’s part of the reasons we keep having celebrity wedding crashed like pack of cards. I know this may sound shallow to some people but there are some element of facts in this. So why do I say this?

By virtue of what I do as an online journalist, I have stumbled on several comments under most celebrities’ wedding pictures, where some ev*l-minded fellows or fans, like they call themselves, would say things like “Make sure you don’t come here crying when he cheated on you sha” “Dey play, na here we go dey when the story go change” amongst others vile comments.

Such awful comments would want to make anyone to believe in that myth that says: there is actually evil eyes that trail marriages everywhere including social media.

Come to think of it, how would you expect a newly wedded couple to feel reading such comments without having some sort of doubts or fear in that institutions they just walked into? I know many would say such comments do not hold waters, but hey, they do get to people. Even though, most people (victims) pretend as though it doesn’t.

And to be honest, it scares me sometimes when people don’t feel happy for others simply because your own time hasn’t come. Such action is worse than witchcraft itself. I mean why would you wish other people’s happiness be cut short simply because your happy moment hasn’t come? It’s quite hard for someone like me to process.

In all, it is no doubt, with this current trends of crashed marriages which I don’t really think it’s synonymous with celebrities alone. Infact divorce and crashed marriages happen more everyday amongst not so famous people than these celebrities. But, due to the fact that celebrities divorce case would always make the headlines, makes it more sensational that it should be

Nevertheless, It’s quite disheartening how the family that supposed to be microcosm of any society is gradually facing extinction due to over “wokeness” in this 21st century, most especially amongst the eligible singles.

This ‘wokeness’ which I would term as being too smart and trying to create unwarranted competition in marriage has done a lot of damage to beautiful homes than it should. Yet no effort is being made to raise awareness around this.

The only way to salvage the situation is to keep educating the younger generations of the inherent danger in getting married for the wrong reasons which I believe is still the major cause of most these rampant divorce cases.

Muyiwa Fadeyiye is a writer, matchmaker and blogger based in Abuja. He can be reached via dotunroy@gmail.com.

By News Editor

Our News Editor, Muyiwa is an information management expert and Development Blogger with more than a decade experience in investigative reporting and journalism. He is passionate about human angle stories to all social issues in Nigeria and Africa.