• Thu. Jun 20th, 2024


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Camerounians Attack Paul Biya, Kill Minister in France!

I am quite sure by now most Africans on social media must have seen the viral video of how frustrated Cameroonians stormed Paul Biya’s 40th Anniversary in Power, somewhere in France and destroyed everything at the venue including the cake and decorations?

Report has it that, Paul Biya fled the scene, knowing he was the main target. However one of his Ministers wasn’t so lucky he was lynched to death right on the spot.

Although, the attack may seem too uncalled for and reprehensible but I think it was borne out of frustration.

Imagine, a President who has held down this Country in chains for years, with tons of Cameroonians wallowing in abject poverty for more than four decades, still has temerity to celebrate his failure and ineptitude as a leader??

No tangible developmental progress since assumed office yet refuses to vacate the seat for more competent person to lead the poor nation out of the woods!

You see, sometimes I wonder how our African Leaders’ brains are wired! And perhaps it’s a confirmation of the research that says African Brains and European Brains aren’t wired the same after all.

If not, why would these African leaders, whom had traveled round, visiting virtually all the most developed countries on this planet and never develop any desire to replicate same in their country?

How greedy and mean can all these Leaders get, to this point??

The Statistics of young Africans who would rather die in the Mediterranean Sea than stay back in the retrogressive Economic situation in Africa would shock anyone. Millions of them had died crossing the high seas to European countries, according to IOM Reports.

There is no other reason these highly productive young Africans are opting to risk it all passing through the dreaded Sahara desert just to cross to Europe for better lives than these selfish and unbothered African Leaders.

What I’m seeing right now from this incident can be likened to that of Arab Spring around 2012 or thereabout. When the Arabian youths decided to take their destinies in their hands and did the needful. However this will be more dreadful if care is not taken.

We can only hope it doesn’t degenerate to another level of anarchy that would soon spread across to other African nations whom have had enough of these same deliberate retrogressive economy run by bunch of genrotocratic individuals, whom have turned corridor of power to their Generational Birth Right.

Until then we are keeping our fingers crossed.

By News Editor

Our News Editor, Muyiwa is an information management expert and Development Blogger with more than a decade experience in investigative reporting and journalism. He is passionate about human angle stories to all social issues in Nigeria and Africa.