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Food Expert, Organic Champions Charge Nigerians on Healthy Alternatives to Poisonous Diets!

In the face of rising health challenges and death rates from food related illnesses, Nigerians have been advised to cultivate of a habit of Healthy Living by paying close, attention to the content and composition of what they eat and drink. 

Food expert and lifestyle specialist Queen Ikuazom who is often referred to as Lady Green gave this advice in Abuja, over the weekend during a food and fashion show exhibition to open a new Organic food outlet. 

The theme of the exibition was our food our medicine is to draw attention to the dangers, inherent in chemically processed food and to challenge both government and the people to pay close attention to what food and drinks they consume. 

Lady Green who expressed a great concern over the way Nigerians eat, was particularly disturbed by the choices we make of chemically processed food over pro-biotic food supplies.

She argued that regular food such as chicken, yams, or even jollof or coconut rice, grilled fish and prawns can be organically grown and made into consumable food without being contaminated. 

According to her: you are what you eat. You can start a small farm behind your house and ensure that you know the source of your food. If you are eating out, make sure you know the source and be satisfied that it is truly organic even from the farm. We do that and we cannot eat or sell inorganic food to people because we want them to remain healthy. We believe that food is medicine and if you are able to get it right in your guts, you will get it right with the rest of your body’  

Lady Green who is the founder of QEI a health and wellness initiative also harped on the need to balance what what we eat with Organic foods and drinks. And reduce the over dependence on Chemically processed foods and drinks.

As a guide solution she advocates for everyone to go into farming small-scale behind their back yard, to produce Pro biotic foods as the only way we can stop eating poison.

More photos at the food exhibition

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