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Why Hurting Yourself Over a Cheat?

Earlier today, I saw yet another footage of a housewife endangering her life over a cheating Husband, on Internet. The actual footage was too gory to share with this post hence the screenshot I attached.

The wife in question, out of rage took the worst decision of setting her man’s vehicle ablaze in retaliation, I suppose, after she caught him cheating on several occasions and she ended up hurting herself. She got burnt in the process!

Well, I never saw the end of the video whether she eventually died or taken to hospital. because it was a turn off for me too, seeing such reaction. But my grouse is, why most women hurting themselves over Cheating spouses?

Yes, most of us may say such outrage is normal for most women. But I tell you what, it doesn’t worth the stress and agony. Because at the end of the day, two things is sure: is either you both part ways or you forgive him and continue loving him.

And if you had damaged yourself in the process, perhaps after sustaining third degree burns just like it happened to the lady in question, do you think same man would still love you like before? Only Grace of God can make that happen.

Certainly, someone who was cheating on you when you were physically complete, without deformity will surely continue the atrocity after seeing your deformity.

Both married men and women must know that overreacting to the issue of cheating would never stop a congenital cheat from doing what he or she loves. That is a pure fact.

The only thing that matters at that point of realizing you have been married to a cheat is to do everything to safeguard your mental health in order ensure your sanity at all times. Even if you caught your spouse pants down. Make sure your “Shock Absorber” is always in tact.

Of course, it maybe a difficult thing to do but it is what it is! It is all thorns of roses. Even life in itself is full of vagaries. So why killing or maiming oneself over nothing?

There is this research I carried out recently on why women overreact to cheating issues to the point of hurting their spouses or hurting themselves. Our Findings would shock you!

Eighty percent of the women we spoke to have trust issues with their spouses from outset ever before they fully said “I do”. Which means they all saw the red flag yet ignored it.

Another shocking thing we found out is, 60 percent of them, keep companies with friends who share warped outlook to marriages, due to the fact that these set of friends have been single for a long time, into their 40s, and no longer believe marriage is their thing.

Thus, flooding the minds of their married friends with doubts, biases and reasons why their husbands might be two-timing them in their marriages. These are women with “Men are Scum” slogan on their banners ?

So having said that, ladies and wives, in particular the ball is in court. Choose wisely your company, whom you spend most of your time listening to. Not all men are cheats and Scum! Good ones still exist likewise good women.

By News Editor

Our News Editor, Muyiwa is an information management expert and Development Blogger with more than a decade experience in investigative reporting and journalism. He is passionate about human angle stories to all social issues in Nigeria and Africa.