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Fresh Cookie Lab pioneers sexual wellness awareness for all Nigerian women!

Sexual health is a prevailing issue among females in Nigeria regardless of age. When we look at healthcare statistics there are noticeable disparities when females are compared to males. Females are usually disadvantaged when it comes to accessing premium healthcare services. This means that females generally have a higher rate of medical problems.

Sexual health can affect intimacy, relationships and a lot of factors so it is vital that we do all we can to improve our sexual well-being. Your body is the vehicle for sex so keeping it in a healthy state is very important. Maintaining an exercise routine can help keep you in a balanced physical and mental state but you must understand that consistency is important.

More Nigerians are taking better care of their sexual health but Ifediba Oluchi Anne is going further by being an advocate for sexual wellness. In 2020 she started a company, Fresh Cookie Lab, specifically to cater to female wellness issues and has treated or counseled nearly 5000 females since inception.

Oluchi, founder fresh Cookie Lab

Oluchi, however, has been an advocate for sexual awareness for females for over five years and is regarded in some circles as influential in the Nigerian sexual wellness industry.

More females are purchasing her flagship product, Cookie Vitamins, which is particularly effective in treating fungal infections such as candidal vulvovaginitis commonly known as vaginal yeast infection. Cookie Vitamins is a boric acid suppository that helps women across Nigeria deal with yeast infections.

Ifediba Oluchi Anne is a trained Yoni Steam Facilitator and a Women’s Health and Hormone Coach.

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