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“Those that Brought Nigeria into this mess cannot take Nigeria out of the mess”! – Pastor Wale Olasoji

ByNews Editor

Aug 8, 2022

The Senior Pastor of Living Impact Christian Centre, Pastor Wale Olasoji, has said that the present crop of politicians that brought untold hardship to Nigerians cannot bring the country out of the predicament come 2023. In his exact words, “Those that brought us here cannot take us out of here.”

He was preaching to the congregation about the need for Nigerians, especially the Church to play an integral role in electing credible leaders in the forthcoming 2023 general elections. Olasoji reacted to the recent politicking by party flagbearers who all claim to know how to drive Nigeria forward from its present woes. He argued that those who have played a significant role in the present systemic rot should never be taken serious whenever they say they have the solution to Nigeria’s problem. Nigeria has been enmeshed in nerve-wrecking security crises for some years and the man of God lent his voice against the destruction of lives and property. “Just take a look at what is happening to Nigeria. Banditry, kidnappings, terrorism and other forms of evil we see and hear on a daily basis. It was never this bad. My father called me recently and asked me not to bother coming home to check on them. He said they were okay with video call if they wanted to see me. If you now want to travel by road in Nigeria, there has to be fasting and prayer for you to arrive at your destination safe and sound. Your people’s mind will not even be at rest until you have arrived well to and fro. We have never had it this bad.”

He further reacted to the socio-economic crises Nigeria presently plaguing Nigeria. “I understand there is inflation all over the world at the moment but Nigeria’s case is peculiar. The prices of food have been going up for years and this government has not been responsible to the plight of the masses. The canned Sardine fish that used to be something anyone can afford is now the food for the rich. It is not even funny how the content keeps decreasing and the price keeps increasing.” He lamented about the daily cost of living and how he finds it repressive that the Nigerian government wants the citizen to pay more tax. He stressed that any politician that is part of a corrupt government should be retired to witness the breath of fresh air. And that Nigerians deserve a new set of leaders who are people-oriented to serve them.

Olasoji admonished all Nigerians to shun every politician who wants to divide the masses along ethnic and religious lines and vote for the person who will be prudent with the scarce resources available. He said that “Nigeria is a secular state and anyone undermining the importance of inclusion does not have the interest of all at heart.” He also appealed to Nigerians to vote for a healthy Nigerian as the next President. He said that the right person for Nigeria’s job has to be fit and sound. Having paid enough for medical trips abroad for the current president, Nigerians cannot have afford to have the next president spend the tax payer’s money on his health.

He ended his message with a quote for active Nigerians on social media. “Voters install Kings, not Tweeters.” Buttressing that having a PVC is not enough, he asked Nigerians that have been participating in online political discussions to go beyond the public rhetoric and emotional reactions online, and vote in credible leaders whose national interest is the crux of the matter.

By News Editor

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