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2022 Annual Budget Presentation Review by Dotun Roy

If there is one thing I would love to commend the Ministry of Finance, Budget and Planning for, is timely presentation of the Budget Breakdown for the 2022.

Having been in the Zoom meeting listening to the Honourable Minister, Zainab Ahmed reeled out brilliant National Development Plans for the year early today, no doubt, has raised my level of optimism yet again. Particularly, the part of the plans that says there would be creation of 21millions jobs for teeming employed Nigerians.

However, with the revenue challenge facing the country, I could only hope and wish that these lofty plans for the year, do not just appear only in black and white without any meaningful steps toward their implementations.

Another exciting part is the introduction of Budget monitoring App (i-monitor) that would enable the citizens to track the implementation of these National development plans. It goes to show that Federal Government is taking steps towards improving on transparency and accountability which have become viable tools in service delivery in any Democratic society.

This i-monitor, if properly harnessed, would in the long run, serve as some form of Implementation Monitoring System (IMS) for capital expenditures in order to ensure that all capital funds released are adequately accounted for.

Also my take in the areas of 35% we are getting from the oil revenue which the rest percentage goes to the company producing. There is need to work on our turn around maintenance of our refineries so that NNPC can be producing locally and we get more of the revenues like 80-90% which will in turn create more employment for our people.

Above all, I think the content of this National Development Plan still need to be popularize for public and private sectors to key into it for plausible partnership and collaboration towards its effective implementation.

By News Editor

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