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Senator Uba Sani shares goodwill messages for the New Year 2022!

Senator Uba Sani representing Kaduna Central Senatorial Zone has sent goodwill messages to all Nigerians for the New Year 2022.

In a Press Statement issued earlier today, being first day of January 2022, the Senator urges all Nigerian citizens to have a different approach to the year 2022.

“We must not remain captives of our unpleasant past.”

“We must strive to disentangle ourselves from our terrible experiences and forge ahead with renewed hope.” Uba Sani states.

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I wish my fellow compatriots a happy and prosperous 2022. All praises to the Almighty God for seeing us to this new year. Let us make 2022 a year to remember. Let us go beyond lamentations and seize this moment to better our lives and move our dear country forward.

2021 was a year of unpleasant memories. Our approach to 2022 must be different. We must not remain captives of our unpleasant past. We must strive to disentangle ourselves from our terrible experiences and forge ahead with renewed hope. There are opportunities out there waiting for us to explore. But it all depends on the choices we make now.

Let us resolve to come together in our communities for the common good. Going it alone may not move our communities forward. The collective approach is the best approach. We must form cooperative societies to enable us access the Federal Government Interventions for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), especially in the area of Agriculture.

Governments at the Federal and state levels must provide the enabling environments for our people, especially the youths to realize their potentials. We must stop suppressing the creative and innovative spirit of our youths. Nigeria boasts of some of the most talented, creative and innovative youths in the world. They have taken the ICT world by storm. The rate at which they come up with Start – Ups is astounding. What is lacking however is sustained support from government and corporate organizations.

I urge the Federal Government to make 2022 the “Year for Youth Economic Empowerment.” The Federal Government should develop a comprehensive database of “Youth Start – Ups,” especially in the ICT sector and come up with a major intervention programme to address their financial challenges. If we get it right, Nigeria will challenge the dominance of USA and India in ICT.

2022 offers the Nigerian political class another opportunity to re-engage the Nigerian people and regain their confidence and trust. The Nigerian people invested their trust in us but we have failed to reciprocate their gesture. Our actions and inactions have undermined our democracy and led to many people disengaging from the political process. We must resolve to be accountable to the people. We must re-embrace the politics of ethics and values. We must not continue to seek power for power sake. We must seek power to improve the condition of the people and make our country a better place to live in. Democracy is our surest path to development. Let us grow and develop it for the betterment of our people and country.

Our security forces must take a critical look at the strategies they adopted in the fight against terrorism, insurgency, banditry, armed robbery, kidnapping and other forms of criminality in 2021. There is an urgent need for fresh thinking and innovations. They must also recommit themselves to the fight and resolve to crush the criminal elements once and for all. There must be no half measures in 2022. Additionally, the Federal Government must aggressively mobilize all Nigerians to support the war against terrorism. Once the terrorists are denied local support, their days will be numbered.

I wish my dear constituents, the good people of Kaduna Central Senatorial Zone all the best in 2022. I will not relent in my avowed determination to change the face of the strategic constituency. Insecurity has been slowing down our progress. I have been calling on the Federal Government to carry out special operations in our affected local governments. I strongly believe that the authorities will do the needful in 2022 so that life can return to normal in our communities. But we must not despair. Let us strive to make the best out of the current situation. We are resilient people. We shall overcome our challenges and turn our adversity into progress and development.

Happy and Prosperous New Year!!!

By News Editor

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