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Premiere Academy Lugbe, Abuja breaks silence amidst controversies trailing the death of a Student

Following several controversies and rumours trailing the death of Keren Akpagher, a JSS 2 student of Premiere Academy Lugbe Abuja who allegedly died due to yet to be identified complications, Premiere Academy has issued a statement commiserating with the family of the deceased.

In a statement signed and issued by the school management on 2nd July, the management explained in details what transpired before the student was declared dead and other medical issues she was having before enrolling as a student.

Read the Full Statement below:

We deeply commiserate with the Family of Keren Akpagher who was a student of Premiere Academy Lugbe, Abuja until her demise on Tuesday 22nd June, 2021. She was admitted into the Academy (JS 2) on 16th April, 2019 but she resumed on Sunday 28th April, 2019. On admission, according to medical report and her mother’s attestation, Keren Akpagher was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes Mellitus at the age of nine (9) and had been on Insulin Injection. The Insulin Injection was handed over to our clinic by her mother Mrs. Akpagher, Vlhimga Vivien and we judiciously administered the Insulin to her twice each day until she left the school in a healthy condition on19th June, 2021.


All through her stay at Premiere Academy, Keren’s health was managed with a controlled diet and frequent monitoring of her blood sugar level by our well-trained health officials at the clinic. The last fasting blood sugar test she did on Thursday the 17th June, 2021 was 114mg/dl.

On Thursday, 17th June, 2021, Keren Akpagher visited the school’s clinic with a complaint of redness of the eye. Her mother Mrs. Akpagher requested that she should be taken to see an Ophthalmologist on Saturday 19th June, 2021 and she was taken for the appointment in the morning of that same day.

On her return to the school on that same day (Saturday), her mother further requested to pick her home because Keren insisted on going home for the weekend. An exeat was granted and she went home with her mother in a healthy condition.

On Monday morning – 21st June, 2021, we learned she became ill and was hospitalized. On hearing that as a school, we mobilized immediately and visited her at the hospital – Queen’s Clinic Wuse, Abuja. It was heart-rending when we heard of her demise the next day – Tuesday 22nd June, 2021. Before her death, Keren Akpagher was an easy-going student who never appeared before the Academy’s Disciplinary Committee on any issue.

Since the demise of Karen Akpagher, there have been speculations and unfounded statements concerning her death on social media, especially on WhatsApp. We hereby inform the general public that whatever message they have come across on social media is unfounded. As a school, we are committed to ascertaining the cause of Keren’s death because the life of every student at Premiere Academy matters.

Last week, Thursday, (24th June, 2021), the school was invited to the FCT Police Investigation Department and a full-scale investigation has commenced by the Police Investigation Unit.

We wish to unequivocally reiterate that we will cooperate with the Police Unit as we are committed to ensuring that the actual cause of Keren’s death is fully determined.

At this point, we enjoin all interested parties and the public to desist from making unfounded statements, so as to assist the investigation process.

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