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Don’t get worked up using socials, rather use it to your benefit!

ByNews Editor

Dec 11, 2020 ##SocialMedia

Taking everything on social media too seriously and personal will only get you worked up!

Some people would even tag you proud on WhattsApp once the double tick for message delivery turned blue and you don’t reply them immediately.

We would always assume that the response must be instant since the message has been delivered, which is wrong!

Same thing is applicable to Facebook messengers and all the Direct Messages (DMs) on all social platforms, where people would always assume that your response must be instant.

Yes, it should be instant but not in all occasions!

What if the message receiver was busy in an important meeting, in the flight or in the toilet?

Recent study has revealed higher numbers of people slide into mild depression and mood swing daily simply because someone refused to respond to their messages, text, like their posts and even comment. That’s how bad it has become!

In other words, Socials can cause personality disorder if you allow it to work you up.

Yet another research has also revealed that same social media that can trigger personality disorder can also extend the life span of middle aged people (those within 45-50 years) by 5 -10 years if they consistently connect with their friends and family online particularly on Facebook.

All these have been considered to be good side and downsides associated with Social Media. However, how you handle these downsides would determine your coping capabilities while using social media.

We must learn to understand that before the arrival of social media we were living our normal lives without reading unnecessary meaning to everything such as post, comment, message and hastag like we do now.

Social media is just a channel for information dissemination. A means to an end. Let’s stop taunting ourselves unnecessarily. Let’s loosen up while using socials.

Be flexible on socials so that when it is time to be serious, get serious to the fullest and when you want to have fun, learn to have maximum fun using it!

You should rather learn to use social platforms to ease your already tensed self and not to get worked up the more, based on people’s views that you happen to hold contrary opinion about.

Also learn to develop thick skin against criticism bet it constructive or destructive on socials. Because whether you like it or not troll and cyber bully are all the Internet looking for their next victim. So be prepared should any of these faceless trolls jump on your post to cast aspersions or condemn your content. Never let it get to you. Trudge on and do your thing!

Above all, I think many people still need social media 101/lesson

You can reach out to me via my WhatsApp 08034858005 should you feel the need for some sort of digital intervention or some brush ups on the effective use of social media.


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By News Editor

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