• Thu. Jun 20th, 2024


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Firefox Launches “Daylight” Android Browser to Rival Chrome!

Mozilla has launched a new android browser dubbed Firefox Daylight. The new Firefox app relies on its own infrastructure rather than Google’s, which is used in the majority of browsers.

Browser engines are core functions that help browsers navigate the internet. However, there are only three main ones; Blink, which belongs to Google, Apple’s WebKit, and Mozilla’s Geckoview.

Firefox Launches Android Browser to Rival Chrome

Of the three, Google’s Blink is dominant. On Android, Microsoft’s Edge, the Brave Browser, and Chrome all use Google’s Blink.

However, Mozilla is stepping up to Chrome by using its Geckoview browser engine in its latest app.

The vice president of Firefox, Dave Camp revealed that its browser is the only independent web engine browser available on Android.

Brilliant initiative from Mozilla!

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