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FOR MEN ONLY: Why You Must Choose Wisely When Choosing a life partner

Do not play ping pong with your life, in the name of getting or staying married. This is not to scare anyone but to build your courage, in your waiting period – while you search for the Right partner.

Yeah, as a man, marriage is good and honourable. To others, it’s an achievement. While to some, it’s just a way of obliging to family pressure and fulfilling the societal expectations of them.

Whatever marriage is, to you, be careful who you sign such a lifetime contract with, so you won’t have to opt out, dead or better still, be compelled to opt out, alive, that is, if you are lucky.

Choosing the wrong life partner for marriage is like signing a death warrant without knowing.

Most men are currently dying in silence and suffering domestic violence on daily basis in their marriages as a result of wrong decision they made, and of course, media would never amplify such since the victims are not women. That is how unfair the society can be to men so ‘stay woke’!

We know there are thousands of unmarried ladies and pretty sprinters out there who are waiting for you to seek their hands in marriage, choose wisely.

If you’re single and ready to mingle, be calm, work on yourself and be on the look out. Have a checklist of what you expect as inner qualities in your life partner.

You must continually ask yourself questions towards this simple but powerful decision you are about to make.

Will you be able handle her excesses? Can you bear her untoward attitude towards you, your relations etc. if she refuses to change even after both of you must have said ‘I do’? Will you be able to control yourself if she nags or gets violent with you in marriage?? will you be able to handle her temperament if she gets angry with you??

These amongst other probabilities in marriage must be amongst the top questions you must ask yourself before walking the aisle.

You must know that, marriage is one long walk on a lonely road that is best done with someone that you can always be at peace with and she, in return always be at peace with you,- vice versa.

And like they always say, “a broken relationship is better than a broken marriage” In other words, if you feel you are in relationship or marriage characterised with emotional abuse and physical violence, it is better to walk away than to assume all will be well.

Therefore my brother, look well before you leap, so that they don’t put R.I.P on your fine pictures on social media.

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