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“Colostrum is the first immunization for the new born babies” – CS- SUNN

Civil Society- Scaling Up Nutrition in Nigeria (CS-SUNN) has reaffirmed that the Colostrum which is the first yellowish milk from Breast of the nursing mothers gives solid foundation for the immunization of the new born babies.

CS-SUN, Communication Officer, Lilian Ajah Mong, shared this while speaking at a Media Roundtable on exclusive breastfeeding with a theme “Changing Nigerian Story’ in commemorating this year’s breastfeeding Week on Wednesday in Abuja.

Lilian Ajah Mong, CS-SUNN Communication Officer

Ajah Mong said Colostrum which often contains high potent immune booster for new born has been discouraged locally for years due to ignorance and myths as bad breast milk for babies.

“Colostrum is never a bad breast milk, it actually contains high potent immune booster for the new born babies”

On the negative impact of malnutrition in Nigeria, particularly amongst the children Ajah Mong added that Malnutrition is a story that has been attached to Nigeria. And so many Nigerians have been affected by this story.

“It is part of reason why our GDP has remained where it is. Nigeria is second on the global scale for malnutrition.

“The growing negative narrative of 3,300 children die daily due to Malnutrition in Nigeria must change”.

She added that one of the ways to achieve better nutrition outcome begins with exclusive breastfeeding for the new born baby.

“Breastfeeding influences the trajectory of a child hence it is expedient for mothers to have adequate nutrition and diet to be able to supply the child with right amount of nutrients through breastfeeding.

This is the essence of exclusive breastfeeding as it provides optimal nutrition for the child in the first six months of infancy. Cow milk or baby formula must be discouraged and should never be an acceptable substitute for first six months of new born babies.” she stated.

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