Globally, May 2nd has been set aside as World Bloggers Day (WBD). A special day to celebrate all Bloggers irrespective of the niche they have carved for themselves within the Blogosphere. 

Today, the positive impacts of Bloggers through their various platforms and niches such as news, lifestyles, Teaching, Photography, Vlogging, development amongst others cannot be overemphasized. These positive impacts cut across all spheres of life.

To mark the 2018 WBD,  The Guild of Professional Bloggers of Nigeria (GPBN,) a body of bloggers set up in 2016 to primarily regulate the activities of blogging in the country    enjoins all Bloggers in its fold to continue to practice responsible reportage of social issues dispassionately and objectively, informing the general public about developments relevant to  everyday existence.

The GPBN also enjoin its members to continue to be the standard bearers of professionalism in journalism and in the service of Nigerian people and  our motherland.

As a professional blogging group, GPBN was founded by like minds men and women who have passion for responsible blogging and have been navigating the terrain with professional finesse.*

The GPBN was  equally set up to create a standard for the practice of blogging and to engage major stakeholders towards ensuring accountability in governance and in an atmosphere of responsible online journalism practice.

The Guild was also set up to see to the fact that the practice of blogging is not abused or used as an avenue to blackmail or settle scores among individuals by encouraging specialised trainings and ensuring re-training of members in up to date international beat practices as guided by the Cyber Crimes Act 2015...

Happy World Bloggers Day to all Nigerian Bloggers! 

By Dotun Roy is a development driven news website with the overall goal of amplifying, promoting and advocating for positive societal change through Sustainable Development advocacy in line with UN SDGs components such as education, environmental sustainability and Climate Change, Human Rights, health, finance, housing, good governance as well as security in Nigeria and across the world.

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