Festus Keyamo has expressed his utmost displeasure towards the level of gullibility being exhibited by the  Nigerian graduates.

In his words “Nigerian graduates are too gullible and often overeact to unfounded rumours”.

He said this to address the recent propaganda on the alleged plans to Islamise Nigeria by some unscrupulous groups.

Keyamo however, urged all Christians to quit entertaining unnecessary fear over nothing and shun hypocrisy in their service to God!

Read the Release Below :

Most university graduates are nothing but huge disgrace to the academics and the certificate they carry. I now understand why a former education minister said some Nigerians graduates are unemployable.

I can’t explain the kind of gullibility some people show in issues of religion and ethnicity.

A graduate will see a message from wailers saying a serving minister said President Buhari wants to Islamize Nigeria and without even referring to what the constitution says about religion they will start sharing and defending.

Is religion no longer a constitutional matter? Can Buhari wake up one day and pronounce Nigeria an Islamic nation without the National Assembly amending the relevant laws? Would anybody with such agenda get 2/3 of the 36 houses of assembly to support such amendment?

Some people suck!

Buhari as a Military Head of State with a Muslim Vice when he ruled by decree didn’t Islamize Nigeria, it’s now that such decision must get the nod of our legislators at both state and federal levels that some Nigerians including the so called educated people are believing.

Like I’ve always said, the bane to Nigeria’s development in our generation may not be corruption but gullibility. It’s a time bomb waiting to explode.

We Christians are always jittering. Always feeling inferior to people of other faiths. When will Muslim accuse us of Christianizing Nigeria? When? In the current democratic dispensation, out of 18 years, we have had Christian Presidents for 14 years. Obasanjo did 8 years while Jonathan 6 years. When did Muslim accused anybody of wanting to Christianize Nigeria?

Even in the Christiandom, we hate ourselves so much that Pastors now spend more time discrediting fellow pastors and their churches in pulpit than preaching the gospel.

Discrimination everywhere!

I asked somebody yesterday that why it’s common for a Christian to leave a church within to another church very far away in the name of “My Church”. Is it the church and pastors we worship or God? Is it not the same God we claim to worship?

Biblically, nobody own the church. The church is owned by God. Why have we as Christians personalized ownership of churches? You no hear of the Church of God but ‘My, our Church’. Are you God? Why are you usurping God’s ownership Powers? Our God is a jealous God that doesn’t want his glory to be shared with any man.

I find it difficult to explain why a man will leave over 20 churches behind to another one distance away just because it’s not his church. This to me is hypocrisy! I’m also a victim of this unexplainable doctrine and hypocrisy but I’m beginning to ask myself critical questions that will make me overcome it soon.

I’ve not seen Muslim say this is not my mosque, I can’t go there except on Fridays when they all go to Central Mosques for prayers.

As Christians, we must stop exercising morbid fear over nothing. We must stop the hypocrisy and discrimination even amongst ourselves.

Let love and tolerance guide us as we pursue our heavenly race with renewed vigor and determination.

By Dotun Roy

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