* Are you considering a career change or career in information management?
* Are you interested in learning best practices in information management to enable you manage both business and personal information better?
* Are you interested in validating and documenting your records, archives, document, knowledge and information management skills?
* Are you looking at taking your career to the next level?
* Are you looking for an opportunity to join, contribute and participate in group project execution in the IIM community of experts for Job placement, networking with peers across the globe, consultancy, and business development?
* Are you interested in earning an internationally recognized certification?
* Are you interested in gaining recognition for prior professional experience and transfer credit?
* Would you like to earn six figure income consulting as Information Management Consultant?
*Are you interested in taking your business or career to the next level, leveraging on our Network of who is who in the society?If yes to any of the above, here is the opportunity you have been waiting for.

Membership is open to professionals from any discipline, with minimum qualification of O.N.D. and only proof of Studentship for Student members.

Available membership grades: Student, Graduate, Associate, Professional, Senior Professional, Fellow & Corporate.

Qualified individual membership grade is determined by IIM Membership Committee.

There are lots of other professional development benefits for both individual and corporate members.



Please, find below pictures and clips from previous Lectures, Conferences, Summits, Induction and Investiture Ceremonies:

Photo Album November 18, 2017 Abuja Summit, Induction & Investiture
Photo Album October 7, 2017 Port-Harcourt Induction and Investiture

Photo Album September 9, 2017 United Kingdom Induction and Investiture


Video (September 9, 2017 – UK Induction & Investiture 2017)

Photo Album March 18, 2017 National Summit, Induction and Investiture


Video (AIT DigiVation News Report) 2017

Photo Album Nov. 19, 2016 National Summit, Induction and Investiture

Video (National News Report) 2016

Video (National News Report) 2015

Video (National News Report) 2014

Video (National News Report) 2014

Photo Album:

Press Releases

We look forward to having you among our valued members across the globe.


For More information call 08034858005 or info@dotunroy.com

By Dotun Roy

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