The year 2017 has been a great year for us at, characterised with high and low moments but with God on our side and our esteemed partners and collaborators we were able to weather those low moments together.

Nevertheless, we cannot but celebrate these remarkable partners, collaborators and fans who have identified, supported and promoted our contents at one point or the other in the course of the year.

These are the people we tagged “Ten 2017 Remarkable Young Personalities”.

These Ten personalities have not only supported us but they have contributed to human capacity development, social development and humanity in Nigeria, Africa and across the globe.

Number 1: Sam Obafemi


On @dotunroy list for 2017 Remarkable Young Personality is @sobafemi, the President of @sobcaonline.
An enigmatic Coach with uncanny passion for humanity. @sobafemi is ever with a body language of “I wish they knew all what I know”.
Listening to his last facebook video “Self-fulfilling Prophecies to Avoid in 2018” sparked unusual fire in us, charging us ahead of 2018!
A coaching session with him will definitely reallign anyone back on track, even if you already derailed and disillusioned about your vision, dreams and goals in life!
We @dotunroy celebrate the spirit of excellence on your life @sobafemi. Keep the fire burning boss!
We appreciate the collaboration in 2017!

Number 2 : Jenny Chisom

I can’t get bored celebrating #AfricanBeauties with brains whenever I see one.
I mean the ones who keep pushing boundaries and breaking new grounds regardless the social-cultural norms and demands they have to contend with particularly in African society in the 21st Century.
One of them is @jennychisom, an indefatigable and progressive digital media enthusiast. The brain behind @jennychisomblog @logosaudiblesdotcom and @loginbloggers
@jennychisom is a typical 21st Century Lady in every sense of it. She is the first male empowerment Advocate and blogger I have met in Nigeria. I mean, like seriously? A lady speaking up for voiceless African men who have been overly choked, gagged and shaped with irrelevant social-cultural expectations?
That’s a remarkable feat from an African lady on an African soil!
We, @dotunroy do celebrate you @jennychisom and for those collaborations and digital understanding we shared in #2017!
You are on @dotunroy list of 2017 Remarkable Young Personality.
Keep shining girl!

Number 3:  Kolo Kenneth 

@kolokennethk is yet another brilliant personality on @dotunroy 2017 Remarkable Young Personality.
“Ken the Soujourner” as I fondly call him is a digital media enthusiast who has not only built powerful brand for himself but an enviable trademark #kolokennethkadiri through his digital craft over the years.
@kolokennethk is a social and public good advocate with several stints in development projects, advocacy and campaigns across the globe.
We @dotunroy celebrate you. And we do appreciate our collaborations in 2017!

Number 4: Enobong Inyang

Amazing @enoinyanglive is also amongst the @dotunroy 2017 Remarkable Young Personality!
He is a multitalented Nigerian with progressive mindset. @enoinyanglive is a recording gospel artiste and a fantastic digital media entrepreneur.
He is the CEO, @tvengage. His excellent spirit in entrepreneurship has earned him several partnerships and collaborations within the digital space in Nigeria and beyond.
We @dotunroy celebrate you and we do appreciate our collaborations in 2017!

Number 5:  Runcie Chidebe

The passionate @runciecwc is on @dotunroy list of 2017 Remarkable Young Personality!
@runciecwc is a definition of compassion and dedication. He is a development advocate and psychologist extraordinaire.He has through his platform @projectpinkblue raised funds and supported the treatment of several cancer victims in Nigeria and across the globe. All these wouldn’t have been possible without his tenacity and never say die spirit!
We @dotunroy celebrate your commitments to saving lives. We do appreciate our collaborations in 2017!

Number 6 : Dorothy Njemanze

Yes! Sultry @dorymanze is on @dotunroy list of 2017 Remarkable Young Personality!
Today being your birthday, we celebrate your bravery dear.
@dorymanze is a fearless advocate for social justice. Defending those whose rights could easily be trampled on is her hallmark.
She fought tooth and nail against Federal Government of Nigeria for assault and harassment until she won the case and vindicated in 2017!
We @dotunroy saying happy birthday to you and keep the fire burning girl!

Number 7 : Chibuike Utaka

Ever calm and collected @utakaegbe1 is on @dotunroy list of 2017 Remarkable Young Personality!
He is a journalist and agroprenuer specialist who knows his onus. Chibuike is no doubt amongst the top resourceful persons working with British Broadcasting Corporations Media Action In Nigeria.
He has made his voice heard loud and clear over topical issues on citizens rights and access to basic infrastructure and democratic dividends.
We, @dotunroy celebrate your great works in 2017!

Number 8:  Olumide Idowu

Dogged @olumideclimate is on our list of 2017 Remarkable Young Personality!
We have consistently followed this multi talented, brilliant, Confident and focus young man over the years. And I have watched him evolved while positively imparting the world around him.
Olu as I fondly call him, is a die-hard climate change evangelist. His passion for climate Change mitigation in Africa has taken him to virtually every corner within African continent and beyond.
He is the Founder, @climatewed, a digital platform for environmental campaigns. @olumideclimate is also a digital strategist and social media enthusiast!
We, @dotunroy celebrate your resillience and determination in resolving tons of environmental issues in Africa.
Keep the fire burning bro!

Number 9:  Medupin Olusegun

@medupinsegun of @youthhubafrica is yet another personality on @dotunroy list of 2017 Remarkable Young Personality.
Segun is a thoroughbred and passionate advocate of youth development within development sector in Nigeria.
Being the Programmes Manager, @youthhubafrica, @medupinsegun has spearheaded several impactful youth empowerment programmes as well as capacity building for the youth living within marginalized communities in Nigeria.
We, @dotunroy appreciate your unwavering efforts towards raising next generation of resourceful and self-sufficient of young people in Nigeria.
Keep the fire burning bro!

Number 10:  Femi D. Amele and Isa Ozo

Our number 10th personality is a tie!  We have two powerful young personalities that best deserved this position for 2017. They are Femi Amele and Isa Ozo they are both powerful bloggers!

Femi Amele is a multi talented and seasoned broadcaster with several stints in radio talk shows in major media outlets in Abuja, Lagos and Jos.
He is a passionate radio Host, writer, blogger and development advocate.
Having worked with @yiaga, as Head of Communication, Femi has coordinated numbers of community focused campaigns particularly as regards to citizens’ participation and engagements towards achieving good governance.
Femi is currently the Head of Station for @amplifiedr, a media arm of @yiaga. He is also co-founder,
We, @dotunroy celebrate you and appreciate our collaborations in 2017.

Keep the fire burning bro!

Number 10:  Isa Ozo

Young debonair @ozo1naija is on @dotunroy 2017 Remarkable Young Personality.
Isa, as I fondly call him is a lifestyle blogger and digital media entrepreneur. He is the founder of @abujafacts, the online newspapers in Abuja.
We, @dotunroy celebrate your commitments within the digital ecosystem in Abuja.

We celebrate you all for your good works in 2017!!!


By Dotun Roy is a development driven news website with the overall goal of amplifying, promoting and advocating for positive societal change through Sustainable Development advocacy in line with UN SDGs components such as education, environmental sustainability and Climate Change, Human Rights, health, finance, housing, good governance as well as security in Nigeria and across the world.

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